Someone caught this 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee visiting dealerships in Detroit.  I’m really liking the front end of it…but the rear is horrible looking, IMHO.  Come on, Jeep…not cool!  Toyota called, and they want that pallet of Sienna minivan taillights back.  Seriously…what happened to the muscular, broad-shoulder look of the WK??  That was a good look!

I like the blacked out look with the chrome…but hopefully they will offer some brighter wheels for those who want a little bling in their lives.

By first glance, I can tell it’s definately not going to be a WJ or ZJ offroad, but it’s a good looking ride.  I think maybe a large dent from a rock or tree would fix those rear taillights up really nice, lol.  I’m not guessing I’ll be seeing many of these on the Rubicon Trail, eh?

What do you guys think?

Your brother in Jeeping,


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