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New roof-mounted WJ/XJ/ZJ light bars and ZJ bumper-mounted light bars (WJ next to come)

A note about patience, from Kevin, a man of *ultimate* patience…not.

Folks, PLEASE do not make your life more difficult by scheduling your installation date until ALL of the parts and pieces show up on your doorstep.  You laugh, but common sense is NOT common practice!  I ask you this as a friend, as invariably, either the shipper, the vendor, or some other person involved will make an error and throw your plan into a tailspin.  I get at least one e-mail a month from someone who got impatient and started doing an install, only to find out that they were missing something, or that a vendor was backordered, or the shipper lost the box, or something that throws off their schedule and their daily driver is now torn apart in the driveway, awaiting a part that’s not to arrive for another few days.  Don’t be that guy…you don’t have ANY need for that sort of stress, and there is little we can do on our end to assist you if you’re in this predicament…except maybe pass along a recommendation for a good rental car company.  PLEASE don’t put yourself into this situation!  Your loved-ones will thank me, lol.

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