If you’re thinking that bumpers are too expensive, you will definitely want to check out the details of this update!

Now through this Wednesday at NOON, all of our bumpers are being offered at 10% off our normal price.

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All of our top-quality bumpers are 10% off **IF** you place your order before Wednesday, November 4th BY NOON at KevinsOffroadManufacturing.com

This very limited offer will ALSO work for layaway orders where at least 1/4 of the total is charged on your card by Wednesday at NOON.  (See below for details.)

Did you know that your next bumper has already passed a rigorous trail-test, which includes us smacking the HELL out of our test unit on trails before we ever offer them on our website?  That is the only way you’ll KNOW that you’re not ending up with a thin, cheap bumper made in some foreign country by a guy getting paid $2/day, and caring even less than that about quality.  I’ve seen some real crap coming from even the name-brand manufacturers recently (no, I’m not going to name any names, but let’s just say you’d be EXTREMELY SURPRISED who’s doing it) in this mad rush to get everything made in Pakistan, China or some other country that takes American workers out of the loop.  (BTW, is price SO IMPORTANT to us as consumers these days that we’re willing to accept the worst quality possible, and simultaineously shoot our own country in the foot by putting workers out of their job, all to save a dollar or two??  Ok, ok…I’ll get off my soapbox…but you should SEE the amount of businesses in Arizona going OUT of business, daily, due to this incessant outsourcing to foreign countries!)

On the flip-side, KOR continues keeping Americans hard at work by continuing our policy that all of our bumpers are PROUDLY manufactured in the USA.  In fact, we have two more staff today than we did 12 months ago…how’s that for a success story in this suffering economy??

Each of these bumpers looks absolutely amazing when painted to match and are mounted up to your Jeep, because they fit well, have a sleek CAD-design, and are extremely durable…more than you’ll ever have an opportunity to test!

Your benefits (only through Wednesday) are up to nearly a $120 discount on EACH durable, great-looking, purely American-made bumper, a long-lasting product that will outlast your Jeep, and an easy-mount bracket system that braces motion in all three planes, for additional strength that other manufacturers DON’T include, because they want to keep their profits up and overhead down.

Treat yourself today to US-made quality…because it’s so rare to find in today’s world!

Order today to get this offer before it’s long gone…because you’ll be happy for years to come that you took action today, and planned ahead.  Head to KevinsOffroadManufacturing.com and save up to $120 per bumper NOW!!

( OFFER CODE: KORbump10 )

*(Layaway rules: A deposit of 25% of the order’s total must be charged to your card by noon on Wednesday, November 4th in order to take advantage of this offer.  Balance can be paid over the next 90 days…longer if you need to.)

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A more stripped down version of the 3.0L diesel engine, and $1k less than it used to be. Check out this article: http://bit.ly/StIfl

I love it. More diesel the better so far as I can tell. The engines typically run longer (especially the MBZ diesel engines…we have a 1987 MBZ diesel in the family that we run B100 in [100% biodiesel] and it has 250k + miles on it.)

Not jumping up and down about the fuel economy, though. Seems like that should be able to be improved quite a bit with a tuner…which leaves options for companies like Edge, Bully Dog, and all the rest. Hell, my F250 Super Duty got 16mpg in town and 19mpg on the highway.

Anyway, it’s a step in the right direction. How cool would it be to yank one of these engines and put it into an older ZJ or WJ, or even a 4-door JK?

What do you guys think?

Have a great one,


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