Jeep KJ Liberty SFA Solid Axle Conversion

2006 KJ Liberty Solid Front Axle Conversion

Here’s an update to our Day 1 post on our KJ Liberty project, in which we’re doing a Solid Front Axle Conversion ( SFA ) with a High Pinion Dana 44 front with 4.56 gears, 30 spline alloy shafts and an Ox Locker.  While we’re at it, Scott, our customer, is having us do a Dana 44 rear to match.  Originally out of an early XJ Cherokee with the trailer package, this axle has been built with 33 spline shafts, matching 4.56 ratio, and a matching Ox Locker.  Scott’s Liberty is running Fox Coilovers in the front, OME coils  and Bilstein shocks in the rear.  Rounding it out is a Clayton Long Arm kit, a Bronco II steering box, a U-turn cross-over steering kit, and LOTS of great looks!

Video of ‘s Solid Front Axle Conversion on a KJ Jeep Liberty

We’re going to do a build sheet with all the parts needed for this build.  When we’re done, we’ll have laser-cut brackets for sale on our website, which will bolt right in to the KJ Liberty frame rails, and will completely replace the front sub-frame assembly, leaving mounts for a track bar and a steering box, so that other KJ Liberty owners will be able to have a MUCH easier go of it when THEY want to do a solid front axle conversion.

Clayton 36″ long lower front arms
U-Turn steering Upgrade:
Custom fab and bent track bar
10″ or 12″ Fox Coil-overs (don’t remember which one we used…we
purchased both to test)
Ballistic Fabrication HD Flat Bottom shock tabs for coilover mounts
Steering gear box from Bronco II, Pitman arm unknown, but MAY have
been from an XJ.
Custom power steering hoses from HosePower, made to spec
Borgeson p/n 013452 1″ DD to 3/4″ – 36-spline u-joint for steering
linkage to Bronco II box
XJ/ZJ/TJ 28″ front SS brake lines

Clayton WJ rear upgrade kit, which included the triangulated setup
using their rear frame brackets from a WJ:
OME 863 rear coils – 80-series Discovery
Bilstein BE5-6248-H5 rear shocks (10″ travel)
XJ rear stainless steel braided 18″ brake line
Addco ZJ rear anti-sway bar with custom endlinks

Tom Wood front and rear driveshafts, custom length
Omix ADA Slip Yoke Eliminator older-style 231 case, early XJ

Hope this helps.  Wish we could help you with specific answers to your
questions, but we did this as a prototype, to create a kit we could
sell for an easy conversions, but due to low demand, we cancelled the
prototyping and got rid of everything, including specific details,
measurements, and so on.  This is all the info we have on it.  The
only thing we can get you set up with that we sell, is the U-turn kit, and the Clayton Rear Half kit
, normally kept in stock, ready to ship.


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