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Dodge Installation Instruction Guides

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  • I thought I’d responded back to you already, Marvin, but I"m not seeing my response showing up.

    The SuperDurometer bushings (KOR-1199) are an aftermarket bushing that we manufacture, and can be used on ANY track bar with a 1.6" ID loop. The Dodge track bar is the same…1.6" ID…so it will indeed accept the same bushings.

    My apologies for the “Jeep” reference on those bushings. We started out using them for Jeeps, and never updated the text. They also work for Range Rovers and Fords.

    Kevin on
  • Web site that you may purchase 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Track Bar replacement bushings is a little confusing. I maybe looking or misunderstanding what part number to use. Web Page appears to only show Jeep bushings. Could you clarify this for me?
    Thank You,
    (760) 686-9590

    Marvin Shaffer on
  • Ervin,

    Our best advice is to go through the troubleshooting steps we have available at http://www.kevinsoffroad.com/dodge-wobble-ram-death-wobble-causes-cures/. If you go through the inspections listed in the article, you are likely to find a suspect component that is allowing movement in your steering system. Common culprits are the steering box, track bar bushings, track bar flex, and tie rod ends.

    If you still are having no luck, Please email us at sales@kevinsoffroad.com for the quickest assistance.

    KOR Staff

    Rob - KOR Customer Service on
  • I have a 95 dodge cummins 2500 4by4 and its got such a bad wobble my front tires bounce off the road i did all I could to fix it and it still does it…. Do you have any solutions? If so call me at 2603508313 or email me at ervin8785eb@gmail.com

    Ervin Bontrager on
  • 2003 Dodge Ram 2500, 4×4, quad cab, short bed, 5.7 engine, 6" suspension lift, PML Front Differential cover installed, steering box brace installed.

    I’d like to get the parts to upgrade my steering rod & link assembly, new track bar, bushings, and the dual steering stabilizer system if it will fit with my aftermarket differential cover.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Jeffrey Schmidt on

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