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Ford Installation Instruction Guides

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  • Ryan,

    Your Ford is going to have a different setup, due to having an independent front suspension, where the Jeeps that suffer from Death Wobble have a solid front axle. If I had to guess, I would think that your tires are probably going to be the root of your problem. If the new wheels and tires do not solvve the issue you are having, them you might need to look into brake rotors, control arm bushings or wheel bearings, just to make everything is in good shape.

    Luckily for you, the IFS is a little bit less finicky to deal with than the solid axles in most cases.

    KOR Staff

    Rob - KOR Customer Service on
  • I have a 2005 F-150 xlt fx4 extended cab, it has a 4 inch lift and i will have 20 inch rims and 35 inch tires by the end of next week, as of now i am running 17 inch motto metal rims with 315/65r17s. the truck wobbles a good bit at 53-57 miles an hour while driving under usual conditions, going uphill it gradually gets worse and downhill its hard to tell its there. I recently noticed that when the truck has a good bit of weight on it the wobbles practically gone, i had 6 people in the truck including me and had about 200 pounds of extra weight in the bed and the truck rode like a dream so i was wondering if this was the case with anyone else? would my truck being too light cause some wobbles due to a lack in stability? and also my tread is rather worn ( the reason im getting new tires ) but im also looking to improve any imperfections in the suspension, steering assemble, ect. this information in the above paragraphs was helpful but i was wondering if the ford would differ to the jeep. please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

    Ryan Samuel on
  • Hey there, Matt. We haven’t developed one of those yet…

    Kevin on
  • hi looking for a roof tire carrier for the top of the cab of 94 ford bronco?

    Matt Lake on

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