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How To Do Jeep Transfer Case Shifting - Shifting it SMOOTH!! (NP231, NP241, NP242, NP249)

How To Shift Jeep & Dodge 4x4 Transfer Case - Shifting it SMOOTH!! (Applies to 4x4 Cases built by New Process or New Venture Gear, models 231, 241, 242, 247, and 249) Transfer Case Shifting Smoothly...the way I've found works best for mine, is to slow to a near-crawl...1mph-4mph...tap the transmission up into Neutral, and then move the Transfer Case lever into the mode you want.  You have to push/pull it like you mean it...don't force it...but don't gingerly move the lever either. You will hear a bit of grinding, unfortunately.  It's not a full synchro type of case...but for as...

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U-Turn Steering for Cherokees, Wranglers, and ZJ Grand Cherokees on Sale

  I've run this same setup on my ZJ for probably 6 or 7 years, beating it MERCILESSLY on rocks, stumps, and forcing it to turn 37" tires with a stock gear box.  I absolutely ABUSED the poor thing!  And, I never once had any trouble, aside from replacing a tie rod or two, as they wore out, which is expected running large tires and a lift.  This thing works solves the problem with the Y-link that Jeep stuck us with from the factory, it sets your toe-in properly, so that it doesn't change when you hit the brakes...

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