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Are You Waiting To Live Until You Get Ready To Die?

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="302"] Elizabeth Alraune - Relating To Cancer[/caption] I was up at the Grand Canyon this last weekend (supporting my buddy, Jim, with a goal he set to hike the Canyon from the South Rim to the Colorado River, and back), and met the most amazing woman while I was enjoying the sunrise! I had just dropped Jim off at the Bright Angel Trail Head, and was hanging out outside the Bright Angel Lodge, watching the sun come up, and enjoying the view when a woman named Elizabeth asked me if I was scared to be sitting on...

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Who The Heck Is This Kevin Guy??

(If you have questions or a comment... post it below, and we'll answer you ASAP!) So who is this Kevin guy I keep reading about??? Well, I'm a Jeeper by nature, a fabricator by trade, and father of a beautiful 19 year-old daughter who loves off-roading.  I've been working in the hotel/service industry my entire working career (since age 14) and last worked in the industry part time as a VIP Level Club Concierge for the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix (which is the best job I've ever had!). ! I began this website as part of a website portfolio for my...

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This Is Why It's Important To "Buy American"...

This was a news story that ran on ABC News, that drives home the point, quite effectively, on how much difference buying US-made products makes to our Country, our cities, and our neighbors as a whole. Their point is simple: if only 5% more US-made goods were purchased by home builders, we’d create close to a quarter-million new US jobs. Check out this video: Here is a printable vendor list of US-made products, for when you’re in the market for something: https://kevinsoffroad.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/PDF-Made-in-America-Vendor-List.pdf Here is an interactive map that ABC News did, so that you can find suppliers in your state,...

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Kevin's thoughts on getting into nature daily - Q&A with Kevin

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