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Bronco Bumper
Bronco Bumper & F-150 Bumper > Front Winch Bumpers and Rear w/ Tire Carrier Bumpers from KevinsOffroad.com/bronco-bumpers
Front WJ Grand Cherokee Bumper – Incline style from KevinsOffroad.com/grand-cherokee-wj-bumpers
Grand Cherokee Bumper - Stealth style WJ Bumpers from KevinsOffroad.com/bumpers
WJ Grand Cherokee Bumper – Stealth style from KevinsOffroad.com/grand-cherokee-bumpers

How long have you looked for a great looking set of bumpers for your Ford Bronco, Ford F-150, Jeep Cherokee, or Jeep Grand Cherokee? Try out these bumpers for size. Extreme Duty…rock-bash-able…high-clearance…and allowing you to mount up a winch, these bumpers are exactly what you need to protect the front and rear of your rig from a disaster with a rock or tree. It’s designed with cut outs in the front edge for the use of a HI-Lift jack, to get you out of tight spots and big holes. These were CAD designed for us, are bent out of THICK 1/4″ plate steel and are mounted with a VERY sturdy mounting system. Our VERY durable design is also “Tow-hook Ready”
They weigh less than 100lbs, and can hold up to a 9500lb rated winch. Also notice the D-ring tabs that are a $39.97 upgrade. Shipping is available via UPS…saving the truck freight charges, which would range from $125 to $250 depending on how close you are to Phoenix, AZ. Click on the images below for a larger photo.
Comes in Bare STEEL (can be powdercoated for an additional charge if you would like, but finish may get damaged in shipping. E-mail us for prices)

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