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Kevin’s Cherokee Roof Racks for ’95-’01 XJ Cherokee

(with partial mesh floor to enjoy your moon-roof, or full mesh floor for maximum capacity)

Are you looking for a Jeep Cherokee roof rack that looks great and works even better?  We’ve just released our brand-newly designed, round tube version of the old-fashioned roof utility racks that every Jeep owner needs at one point in time or another.  These things are built like no other…sturdy, solid, and lightweight (59 – 68 lbs depending on version).  I’ve over-built them so that you’ll have room for suitcases, Rubbermaid containers, your Hi-Lift jack, spare tire, and whatever else you need to fit up there.  They also offer many exclusive features that no other roof racks do; one being the steel mesh flooring. We either leave the area above the moon-roof open to let the sunshine stream in, or a fully-welded mesh floor version is available for those without moon-roofs. These are the ONLY roof racks on the market built *SPECIFICALLY* to mount on the roof of Jeep Cherokees!  The rest are just generic roof racks, with bolt-on mounts that happen to fit. They are not racks designed with our fully-welded and integrated Cherokee roof mounts! 

Cherokee roof racks on WJ1Cherokee roof racks on WJ2Cherokee roof racks on WJ3


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The Cherokee roof racks feature four built-in forward-facing light tabs, two rearward facing light tabs, includes an integrated Hi-Lift mount on one side, shovel mount on the other, and an integrated spare tire mount that will accommodate up to a 37″ tire up top!  Click HERE to compare features and prices with the other top selling racks on the market.  We currently have a mounting system for all models of WJ, ZJ, and the later model XJ’s with the newer triangular style roof rails (’95 and up?).   


  1. Cherokee roof racks on ZJ1Cherokee roof racks on ZJ2Cherokee roof racks on ZJ3Cherokee roof racks on ZJ4


These racks are EXTREMELY labor intensive to build with numerous compound bends and fish-mouthed tube angles. It would run you well over a thousand bucks to replicate them at a local tubing-fab shop IF you already had the mechanical drawings complete (which would also cost you several hundred bucks).  To keep the cost down, I’m running these in batches, so chances are I’ll have them in stock when you’re ready to order. 


Cherokee roof racks on XJ1Cherokee roof racks on XJ2Cherokee roof racks on ZJ5


 Our price INCLUDES mounting hardware to attach it to your factory roof rails at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Some of the other guys charge upwards of $75 for roof mounts (SURE, like you could somehow use the racks WITHOUT mounting it, LOL).  If you compare apples to apples with other racks, I KNOW you’ll find that these are an EXTREMELY fair price. They carry Kevin’s typical reputation for overbuilding, and look cool and unique enough to get your rig noticed on the trail AND around town.  It’s a exclusive…no one else has anything that looks like these or offers these features, especially at this price. 

If you want to measure it out for your garage, dimensions are approximately 73″ x 40″ x 7″ at it’s tallest and widest.  They will extend upward about 7″ taller than the top of your factory roof rail (without a spare tire mounted on top), and 1″ MORE than the WIDTH of the tire at the center of the racks. 


Cherokee roof racks on ZJ6Cherokee roof racks on ZJ7Cherokee roof racks on ZJ8


 On a difficulty scale from 1-10, installation of the Cherokee roof racks are a 3.  The first time to mount them up will probably take you an hour or so. After the mounts are securely in place, it’ll take one guy about 10 minutes (easier with a helper) to unbolt the racks and take them off / put back on the roof if you needed to remove them for some reason (clearance or whatever). 


Cherokee roof racks on ZJ9Cherokee roof racks on ZJ10Cherokee roof racks on ZJ11


Since almost everything is already included with our Cherokee roof racks, the only upgrade you need to consider is whether you always want to keep the wire mesh flooring open above the moon-roof area for an unobstructed view of the stars, or if you want to add an additional 7.25 sq. ft. of roof-top stowage capacity.   
SEEM EXPENSIVE?  COMPARE THE OTHERS HERE.Wanna see the Install Instructions? 
Note: Due to its size, it can’t be shipped UPS or FedEx Ground, so Truck Freight is the only option, unless you want to plan a vacation to Phoenix, Arizona. The pallet will leave our warehouse (85043) and be shipped to your business address.  Freight typically ranges from $110 to $250, depending on how far you are from Phoenix, AZ.  If you want it shipped to your residence, that’s OK, but there is a $70 surcharge.  Sample cities:
City DistanceTransitCharges*
Los Angeles, CA400 mi2 days$165*
Denver, CO800 mi2 days$180*
Seattle, WA1400 mi5 days$210*
Chicago, IL1700 mi4 days$230*
Miami, FL2300 mi5 days$250*
Portland, ME2700 mi5 days$250*


*Does not include $70 residential address delivery surcharge.


Currently, we are building Cherokee roof racks on an order-only basis and a rotation-cycle every 3-4 months, as demand requires.  We may have a rack left over from the last batch, but no guarantees.

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  • A NOTE ON ROOF RACK SHIPPING: ALL OUR ROOF RACKS are considered “over-sized” by UPS and FedEx due to their physical size, which means that they instead ship by Motor Freight on a truck.   Read more about this process below...
  • INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT SHIPMENTS:  Please e-mail us for special instructions for International customers!!  The following DOES NOT APPLY to International Shipments, only Domestic.DOMESTIC MOTOR FREIGHT SHIPMENTS:   I have selected “225 lbs” as the weight for all our roof racks which need to go via Motor Freight (even though they only weigh 70-ish lbs, depending on the model), so I could  use our website’s shipping module to charge you a close-to-accurate freight estimate to your Domestic (USA) commercial business address with a loading dock or forklift.  (if you need it shipped to a residential address, we’re happy to do so, but there is a $110 add’l charge, AND we have to go through a whole “thing” with quotes and payments and such, so PLEASE give us a commercial address to save all that!!).
  • If our freight cost on the rack is more expensive than the estimated shipping that you pay when you complete your order, I’ll eat the difference if it’s less than $25.
  • The Jeep Cherokee was built from 1984 to 2001 in the US, and continues to be built abroad. For more info on the Jeep Cherokee, here’s a great article on Wikipedia.

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