Chief Products WK2 Hidden Winch Mount and Lower Sump Protection Installation on a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2


I had¬†the pleasure of meeting and working alongside none other than Todd Holzwarth from the WK2 project, installing the Chief Products WK2 Hidden Winch Mount and Lower Sump Protection plate…which is really high-end stuff! This Todd guy has quite the knack for creating slick off-road machines…as you’ll see in a minute…



This here is his rig, a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude 4×4. We have torn the front face completely off it, hopefully, he doesn’t see it. Nah, actually he is here giving me a hand. What we’re doing is we’re going to install some Chief Products. We’ve got the Lower Plate that we’re gonna put on and we’re also gonna do a Hidden Winch Mount.


I don’t know if you guys know anything about Chief or not, but they create high-quality stuff. Been in business for a little over 3 years, an Australian company, but just landed in the Americas, Arizona to be precise, so, very close to home. I’m pretty impressed with the stuff that they’ve got and how they put everything together, the packaging is really nice, the install instructions are great. I’m excited to get involved. We actually brought on their product line at KOR because I like their quality and because they are super good dudes to work with too.


Anyway, we’re here doing the install today. I’m going to check back in with you. We’re gonna do a little video action here and show you what’s what, but yeah I’m really excited about the new products they are putting on here. Man, this is a friggin nice jeep. Anyway, we’ll check back in with you later, thanks for stopping by, and here we go.


One of the things we love about Chief Products is their Tow Hooks which are unbelievably beefy. You can see these things are like an inch or thicker which works great for having to extract your rig from a mess or your wheeling partner.


The other feature these guys have is the unbelievably cool brackets that come with their WK2 Hidden Winch Mount. You can see all the angles and braces that they had to design in order to get it over the frame rail sections that you see here in the video. It’s a very intricate design and boy did they do a nice job of pulling this thing off. It’s super cool what they were able to accomplish with a bunch of bends, folds, and welds.


The WK2 Hidden Winch Mount is engineered in such a way, that not only does it provide a high-strength place to mount your winch, but doesn’t ruin the great look of your WK2. It’s 100% compatible with the adaptive cruise control system and parking sensors, as well as fully ADR compliant.


The next thing is to install the centerpiece, and this is the tray that the winch sits down into. This also is a super cool piece. It ties the frame rails together and structurally strengthens the entire unibody of the Jeep itself so just having this piece without the winch is going to give you a huge upgrade with regard to steering response and keeping the body from flexing and so on. Adding the winch to the componentry gives you a point to extract the jeep from, if you need to, and strengthens the entire jeep up.


Todd ended up going with the Warn Zeon 10s Platinum Winch which has a 10,000-pound rating, IP68-rated waterproofing, 20% faster line speed, high-performance motor package, remote controlled clutch, corrosion resistance-exceeding 400 hours as well as internal contractors which give

you a true two wire installation making it super simple to hook up.


Next up we’re going to install the WK2 Lower Sump Protection which basically covers up the lower portion of the oil pan so that you don’t bash your oil pan on an obstacle when you’re off-roading. It’s made from High-Strength Steel and features a rolled front lip design that is braced against the frame for maximum strength while still allowing easy removal/attachment of the front air dam.


After that it’s the WK2 Lower Front Guard which ties the Winch Plate together with the Lower Front Sump and strengthens everything, linking everything together structurally. I really dig the detail work these guys do, the little machined Aluminum Bolt Head Protectors are a good example of the efforts that Chief takes, and reminds you that you’re really buying a top quality piece of workmanship here. Just a really really nice fit, in a really nice look, when you’re all done. The guard only weighs about 15kg when fully installed, and it fits perfectly behind the removable lower front fascia, providing full protection off-road while still allowing you to maintain a factory appearance on-road.


All right, looks like we’re finally finished up here. So how cool is this, we’ve got the Hidden Winch Plate underneath here. We’ve got a Warn Winch tucked back underneath the bumper here. In the case of emergency, just pull the lower fascia off and you got your winch and everything underneath there. We also installed this lower plate here as well, which is super nice. It fits in a very very precision type of manner. It’s not a sixteenth of an inch off one direction or the other. Its super tight in there. Really good quality stuff and I’m very impressed with what Chief has pulled off here.


So if you’re looking for high-end WK2 stuff, Chiefs your go-to folks. As I mentioned, we are selling their stuff on our site because I really like their quality. It’s real easy to recommend somebody that put as much time and effort in engineering as these guys have.


So anyway, hit us up if you have any questions whatsoever. It’s really easy to get a hold of us, you can hit us up on Facebook, you can shoot us an email or you can also give us a call if you like. We’ll be happy to line you up with some Chief Products if you’re interested and if you have any questions let us know. Appreciate you tuning in, thanks very much and we’ll catch up with you real soon.

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