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Bumper Buyers Guide for Grand Cherokees from our Blog

Bronco Bumper Discussion Page 

There are unlimited options for aftermarket bumpers, as you have probably already realized.  We've broken down the decision-making process to just a few concepts that you're going to want to spend some time thinking about...

Price: Let's not ignore the elephant in the room.  There are some REALLY expensive bumpers out there which may not fit your budget...and there are some REALLY inexpensive bumpers out there which are made off-shore and are not the quality you need.  Researching the reputation of the bumper MANUFACTURER (not the website you're considering buying it from!) will help you decide whether a particular bumper is going to work, for YOUR needs.  And, price is NOT the only factor...

Strength: Making sure the bumper you purchase is going to handle the abuse you're going to toss at it, is HUGE.  I've seen a VERY well-known name-brand bumper you've heard of...crease in the middle during a hard winch-pull.  After you research the MANUFACTURER and know that they are reputable, make sure to find reviews of that particular bumper itself, from current owners, who will either recommend FOR or AGAINST that bumper.  Buying an expensive bumper, and finding out that it doesn't meet your requirements for strength, at best doesn't do you any favors, and at worse, could be dangerous if if's not designed and/or built properly.  And, strength is NOT the only factor...

Looks: It should go without saying that a less-than-attractive bumper is not only going to annoy you when you look at it every time you get into your rig, but it's going to be less valuable to others if you ever decide to resell it for some reason.  Deciding on a nicely designed bumper with great lines that follow the lines of your rig, is going to create more demand for that bumper when you go to resell it, and will potentially add to the level of "pride of ownership" you'll get from bolting it on your rig.

VALUE; The blend of Price, Strength, and Looks, will give you a "Value" (to you, not to someone else), and based on your Value consideration, you should be able to narrow it down to just 2 or 3 options.  There may be one that's more expensive, and looks better and has a better manufacturer reputation, when you're comparing to another bumper that's cheaper...and I'll mention right here, the old quotes that always hold true: 

"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." - Gucci

...and the flip-side of the coin...

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten!" - Leon Cautillo

I hope this article has been helpful to you!  

Very Gratefully,

Kevin and the KOR krew