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Protofab Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Rear Bumper WITH Tire Carrier (with D-Rings)

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***This bumper is discontinued and is no longer available***

ZJ Stealth Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

How long have you looked for a great looking set of bumpers for your Grand?  Want to set it off so that it stops looking like every other ZJ on your block?  Try out these bumpers for size.  Extreme Duty, rock-bashable, high-clearance, these bumpers are exactly what you need to protect the rear of your ZJ from a disaster with a rock or tree.

Available now are the Hard-KOR Steath Rear ZJ Bumpers with Tire Carrier, handcrafted in Arizona by Protofab!  These were CAD designed, are bent out of THICK 3/16" plate steel (50% thicker than the current market leaders' bumpers are!!) and are mounted with a VERY sturdy mounting system that ties the bumper in with the weak uni-frame rails in sandwich-fashion, making the sturdiest mounting system available on ANY aftermarket bumper I've ever seen.

Mike's guys are working as fast they can on filling the orders.  What this means is that the sooner you get your order in, the closer to the front of the line you'll be in by the time you need it.  If you wait until the last minute to order, you're going to be pissed at yourself and at me...let's not have any of that.  Anyway, we're looking at ways to refine the manufacturing process, but if you need a bumper in less than 2 weeks, ARB is the only bumper I can think of that would be on the shelf, and also not NEARLY as strong or durable.

Also of Note: All Protofab bumpers are shipped BARE STEEL (No paint or powder coating).All bumpers come non-painted, due to past damage to the finish during the motor freight process.

A few notes from Kevin about bumpers design...

When deciding on a bumper for your Jeep, make sure that you take into account some of the unforseen issues that you'll wish you knew about BEFORE purchasing one.

1) Our bumpers are built with 1/4" ultra-thick steel plate in the center sections (between the frame mounts for added rigidity) and 3/16" thick steel plate everywhere else, which is more than 50% thicker than the more well-known brands of bumper.  Have you ever seen a (well-known brand) front winch bumper bend in the center from a heavy winch pull?  I have, and that's why we use 1/4" and 3/16" steel with fortified 3/8" thick frame rail mounts.  This bumper ain't going ANYWHERE once you mount it up, winch or no. 

2) Our bumpers allow for the best approach angle and departure angle currently available in ANY aftermarket Grand Cherokee bumper manufacturer.

3) Does the tire carrier hold the tire in a way to reduce blind spots and maximize visibility out the rear?  Our carrier mounts on the driver's side, in your natural blind-spot, so that you can see both over your right shoulder AND still see out the rear view mirror, which is mostly impossible with nearly all other carriers on the market who put the carrier in the middle or to the right of the rear window.

4) How is the tire carrier mounted?  Can it withstand a washboard road with the weight of a 35" tire on a steel wheel mounted on it?  Our tire carrier uses a patented cam-latch, which utilizes an easy-to-open lever which puts constant tension on the latch and hasp assembly which completely eliminates rattles from your carrier.  And, you can actually lift the entire rear end of the Jeep off the ground with a forklift from OUR tire carrier...how's that for strong?

5) What sort of hinge is included?  Ours uses twin 3/4" Heim joints, which not only has over 12,000 lbs. of radial load capability EACH (there are two...that's 24,000 lbs. total), but are also easily replaceable if they wear over time, and you are also able to fine-tune the height of the carrier up and down by threading the heim joint in and out.  Also, you can completely remove the carrier from the bumper very easily if you wanted to. 


Shipping is only available via Truck Freight due to the size. Shipping fees are a flat rate $150 to a freight hub or commercial address only. Residential deliveries require a $75 surcharge.

INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT SHIPMENTS:  Please e-mail us for special instructions for International customers!!  The above shipping information DOES NOT APPLY to International Shipments, only Domestic.

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