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KOR-9-5161-G 1-inch (25mm) anti-sway bar bushings

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These are excellent quality grease-able sway bar bushings, which replace the factory rubber bushings and clamps. They are used separately to eliminate squeeking noises from the front anti-sway bar, or in conjunction with our Hard-KOR Steering Box Brace to get the clearance needed to mount it up.

These are used in the front of the ZJ Grand Cherokee with the factory front sway bar, and in the front of some XJ Cherokees.  Safest thing is to measure the bar under your Jeep by using a string to measure the CIRCUMFERENCE of the anti-sway bar, and then dividing that length by 3.14

A 1" diameter bar is 3.14" circumference

A 7/8" diameter bar is 2.75" circumference

Here is a link to our Sway Bar Measuring Tape

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