Ford Speedometer Calibrators by Rough Country (2004-2014 Ford F-150)

  • $169.95

Add the finishing touch on your lifted vehicle with Rough Country’s Speedometer Calibration Device! The easy to use Speedometer Calibrator quickly and easily reprograms your vehicle’s speedometer to match the output of your larger tires.

The Ford F-150 computer is designed to track the speed based on your stock tire height. When you upgrade to larger tires, you see a discrepancy between your actual speed and the readout on your speedometer.

The plug and play Speedometer device connects directly to your vehicle’s Diagnostic Link Connector Port and in just a few short minutes your speedometer reads true again! Rough Country’s Calibration Devices don’t just simply change your in-dash readout, they update your vehicle’s ECM, ensuring accurate shift points and proper electronic stability control.

You can finally get an affordable and accurate speedometer calibration with an easy and intuitive setup process! The calibrator device can also easily read and check all diagnostic codes to help you manage “check engine light” and “service needed” messages, and also includes a function that allows you to reset the speedometer to the original stock prior to servicing the vehicle. Includes a 1-Year Warranty.

Ford Speedometer Calibrator Features:

  • Resets your speedometer so that you get accurate readings for larger tires
  • Easy Plug and Play connection
  • Updates the OE ECM Shift Points to accommodate larger tires
  • Recalibrates the Electronic Stability Control so that it works with larger tires
  • Reads diagnostic codes like "check engine light"
  • Option to return to stock settings
  • 1-year warranty

Technical Notes for the Speedometer Calibrator Device:

  • Download the latest software update here
  • Emissions Certifications - this device is not for sale or use in California

Check out the Speedometer Calibrator Device product video by Rough Country for the Ford F-150.

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