ORO SwayLOC for Jeep Wrangler JL and JT remote control

  • $999.00

This application fits the 2019 and up Wrangler JL as well as we have verified the fit on the 2020 and up Galdiator JT

SwayLOC is the original dual-rate sway bar that provides different control rates for off-road and on-road use.

SwayLOC improves balance and control while providing full articulation during off-road use. It also delivers near OEM ride quality during on-road use that is more firm than the stock sway bar.

The dual rates are achieved through the use of two concentric torsion bars. SwayLOC uses a simple latching mechanism to easily change between off-road and on-road use without having to struggle with disconnect links or having to be on level ground. The proven cam latching system guarantees that SwayLOC engages in the correct position for on-road use and disengages for off-road use when chassis flex releases pressure on the latch.

The remote controlled version works using an air operated latch (1). The latch is controlled by an in-cab switch or automatically when equipped with AiROCK(2). Turning on the lighted in-cab toggle switch automatically sets the latch to disengage for low off-road resistance. Turning it off sets it to engage for high on-road resistance.

This kit comes with aluminum brackets to mount SwayLOC in the stock sway bar location.

Some aftermarket bumpers or skid plates might require modifications to allow clearance for SwayLOC, however it does work with the stock bumper and lower valance.

A multi-piece linkage kit is included to create a variety of linkage lengths to fit most lift heights from stock to over 10″.



1. Requires an air supply with a minimum of 50 PSI to disengage the latch. No air pressure is used to engage and sustain the latch for on-road use.

2. AiROCK control requires the purchase of the SwayLOC AiROCK remote control kit (SL-AR).

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