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Death Wobble Causes and Cures - book by Kevin Fell

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This eBook is a step by step, component by component guide to inspecting your vehicle and eliminating your case of Death Wobble.

Death Wobble Causes and Cures

After years of requests, I finally forced myself to sit down long enough to write a much more descriptive and elaborate explanation of the causes of Death Wobble, and how to cure it.  I call my eBook, "Death Wobble Causes and Cures".  This is a step by step, component by component inspection guide with descriptive photos and graphics.  It includes a checklist of what to check, replace, and a source guide on where to purchase good quality replacement front end components.  This will assist you in replacing old, worn components that allow slop in the system, causing Death Wobble.  If you're wanting to know more about Death Wobble, either because you're suffering from it yourself, or you have customers who could use your help, take advantage of this sale today, and get it for $25.97.

Bonus Savings:

Because we know it takes HUNDREDS of hours to scientifically test and replace each of the various suspension components individually for Death Wobble, one at a time, road test, replace one other component, road test, replace one other component, road test...and so has compiled vehicle-specific packages with new and upgraded components, which include all or most of the following parts:

  • Stiffer bushings, to decrease component movements

  • Stiffer track bars, to hold the axle in position more solidly, decreasing movement

  • Stiffer upgraded steering stabilizers

  • Adding additional steering dampeners,

  • Steering box brace systems, to decrease steering component movements and strengthen and increase steering response.

  • Vehicle-specific Grade 8 hardware to tighten things down properly, far more than you can with the factory stuff.

The concept is that when you replace all these components at the same time, you stiffen up the ENTIRE system at the same time.  This eliminates the problem of the factory components fighting each other as a result.  We’ve found that replacing the entire gamut at the same time, fixes Death Wobble problems completely, in 95%+ of cases.  Our packages strengthen and tighten up worn or under-engineered factory components, which were never designed for use with heavier/larger tires and wheels.  At the same time, this substantially improves steering response, giving you far better driveability.

Purchase Kevin's New Book "Death Wobble - Causes and Cures" TODAY at the Sale Price of $25.97 and get a coupon for $10 off any Death Wobble component, or $25 off a Death Wobble Cure Package, to thank you for supporting the research our company does!

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