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WJ Shock Mount Sleeves with New Bolts (Set of Four)

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***Temporarily out of stock. Pending receipt of bushing sleeve order from manufacturer. Page will be updated as soon as available. ***


For reasons unbeknownst to me, Jeep decided to change the upper and lower mounts on the rear shocks from "standard", which has worked well for probably 50 years, to "WJ-style", which requires a smaller length axle-side sleeve and longer length frame-side sleeve in order to work with the stock mounts. Unfortunately, many aftermarket shocks come with "generic" sleeves, designed to fit LOTS of different vehicles, but those generic-length sleeves are not the correct fit for the WJ, causing thumping over bumps, due to the rear shocks not being firmly and properly mounted with the appropriate WJ-length sleeves.

If that's the case on your WJ, then try one of our WJ Shock Sleeve Kits (p/n KOR-1012), which comes with four new bolts and four WJ-sized sleeves, so that you don't have "thumps" going on back there any more. The part number is KOR-1012 and comes as a set of four (two upper, two lower) to eliminate that movement due to incorrectly sized "generic" sleeves.

Note: Some aftermarket shocks come with "bonded sleeves" (some Bilstein 4600-series are one example, and we're not sure how many others there might be...), meaning that the bushing material is poured around the sleeve, which makes it impossible to remove the factory sleeve without replacing the bushing it's bonded to.  In this case, if the bonded sleeves in your shocks are not the proper WJ-width, you'll need to replace your bonded shock bushings at the same time to run our sleeve kit.  The HELP! section at your local auto parts store has standard shock bushings.

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