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JKS JK Wrangler 2007-2018 Rear Track Bar Brace

JKS JK Wrangler 2007-2018 Rear Track Bar Brace

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Rear Weld-On Trackbar Brace

The Rear Trackbar Brace is a highly effective and economical solution to a problem that has plagued many owners of 2007+ Wrangler JK models. The problem involves the factory trackbar mount on the rear axle housing. An alarming number of rear trackbar failures have been reported due to insufficient bracing of the factory mount. Most failures occur after the vehicle has been lifted, especially when aftermarket extension brackets are involved. However, some have even experienced failure on stock applications.

JKS developed the Rear Trackbar Brace to provide Jeep owners with a permanent solution to this problem. Constructed of high strength 7-guage steel that has been precision cut and formed using CNC equipment, the Rear Trackbar Brace fits perfectly over the factory mount. The heavy duty design connects the factory trackbar mount to the axle with 45 degree reinforcement wings. This triangulates the mounting configuration to resist lateral forces that would otherwise tear the weak factory mount from the axle.

For additional strength, the Rear Trackbar Brace wraps under the axle housing and attaches on the opposite side. This not only distributes trackbar forces over a greater area, but also provides a smooth, snag-free surface to slide over obstacles. Furthermore, during installation it eliminates the need for awkward overhead welding and improves weld penetration. The Rear Trackbar Brace is compatible with most trackbars, extension brackets and lift kits.Â

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