Off Road Only U-Turn XJ / ZJ / TJ Steering Kit Upgrade

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Jeep Cherokee XJ Comanche MJ IconJeep Wrangler TJ - LJ IconJeep Grand Cherokee ZJ IconHave you gotten to the point where your tires are large enough that they are starting to create problems with your steering componentry?

Have you snapped a drag-link collar yet while you're offroading? You will, eventually, if you keep pushing it. With 37" tires and a stock drag link, I didn't make it far over the Golden Crack in Moab...bent up the drag link and completely sheared off the adjustable collar.

Now available for TJs, XJs and ZJs, is the kit that I run on *MY* Jeep. It's quite a bit more pricey than the Currie setup, and requires slightly more installation time, but in my opinion a much better overall result as it utilizes a TRUE cross-over steering configuration, which eliminates the inverted-Y setup.

Thanks to some design changes, there is no longer any need for additional's completely and totally bolt-on!!

XJ Cherokee, TJ Wrangler, and ZJ Grand Cherokee Replacement Tie Rod and Drag Link Assembly with knuckle extensions: INSTALLATION GUIDE

Our kit is different from the other aftermarket kits that was designed for use with TJs, as the height variance from the pitman arm to the passenger side knuckle is about 3" taller on the ZJ and XJ versus the TJ.

In English, that means that many of the TJ aftermarket kits won't allow enough mis-alignment when installed on a ZJ or XJ if you have more than 3 or so inches of lift.

The Drag link is 1.25" diameter 4130 chromoly, welded, formed and heat treated for ultimate durability.

Tie rod is 1.375" diameter 4130 chromoly, welded and heat treated for ultimate durability. Custom 1-1/4 inch hex thread insert bungs that are radially MIG welded, for easy and proper jam nut tightening at each jam nut.

Our drag link connection at the passenger hub allows full turning radius lock to lock to match the steering box, which is another place that the aftermarket falls short sometimes.

Our dual-bent drag link design allows clearance for all aftermarket track bar bracket/sway bar bracket.

Custom knuckle extensions bolt to your original steering knuckles and two of your hub bolts, which are machined and TIG welded for strength, and tapered for the included tie rod end attachment.

You'll have an improved steering feel, removing the "Dead Spot" commonly associated with a lifted TJ steering.

Also, another bonus is there is minimal "bump steer", if at all, because we paid attention to the angles when the kit was being developed, and it's also fully compatible with a stock trackbar, Rubicon Express Extreme Duty track bar, Full Traction Drop Bracket and most others that relocate front track bar at the frame end.

You will use your stock pitman need to spend extra money on that!! This is the sweetest thing I've found on the market (or aftermarket) so far for the XJs and ZJs, and I've been running it for nearly two years. It also comes powdercoated.

A steering stabilizer bracket is included, and it DOES require an aftermarket replacement steering stabilizer. If you already have your own stabilizer, you can purchase this kit without one. If you need a stabilizer (+$59.97), make sure to select it from the drop-down menu when placing your order.

Download the Install Guide PDF

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