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WJ Extreme Duty Lateral Clearance w/o Outer Rail

  • $379.97
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Available for all years of Cherokees and Grand Cherokees.  Kevin's Rock Sliderz® are "Rubicon Tested, Moab Approved"  We've been selling these successfully and with lots of positive comments since 1999 now, and have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage on their rigs.  Hit the trails with confidence before a rock you thought you'd clear, but didn't, ruins your entire trip.

Triple-structure design (total of 1/2" wall-thickness) makes our WJ Hard-KOR RockSliderz the strongest WJ rocker panel protection available ANYWHERE, hands-down.

Protects your door panels from damage by extending outward rail a total of 5.5" from the pinch seam under your door.

Easy bolt-on installation in your driveway (no welding), using common hand-tools.

45-degree angled front and rear to guide your Jeep away from trouble.

Unmatched protection against rocks, trees, and careless parking lot car door-dingers.

Thick steel inner and outer rail, welded hot with 220 VAC for durability and resistance to cracking

No loss of overall ground clearance - tucks up above the level of the crossmember

Built-in Hi-Lift Jack "notch" to reduce fatal slippage

Square outer rail features 90-degree outer rail edge "grooves" a forward-only path into the obstacle (no sliding upward or downward like round tube)

Allows easy access to your roof rack (or to wash the roof)

Allows use with up to 36" tires without rubbing

Lifetime Warranty*


Lateral Clearance Model Hard-KOR RockSliderz:

I had several people e-mail me about my design who were asking for a model that doesn't have the lateral protection bar on the outside, so that you're able to bolt them on without modification of the lower cladding on the Laredo and Overland model Grand Cherokees.  So, now there are three different versions that you can buy for your WJ.  These Heavy Duty Lateral Clearance Sliderz are built to eliminate having to trim or remove the cladding and fits INSIDE the cladding, hanging down about 3/4"~1" lower than the cladding.

This model protects from underneath, and offers an extra 3" of clearance per side when compared to the CLASSIC model for those really tight trails.  These, of course, are not Hi-Lift-able like the CLASSIC version, but you could surely get a stock bottle jack under them and the surface you are on.  Both versions were designed with maximum ground clearance in mind: the lowest point on both versions is still above the transmission cross member, so no ground clearance is lost.

These are great for the once-in-a-while trail-runner, who wants added protection below his door sills "just in case", but doesn't want an outer rail noticable from the outside.


NOTE: Photos are "generic".  This particular model comes with ONLY the inner rail, and does not include the outer rail



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