Research Questions:
If you have questions about your Jeep and/or the components on it, what fits with what, what works well and so on, you will definitely want to search the wealth of knowledge available in the following forums:

Kevin’s Top Picks: Outstanding Jeep Reference Forums and Communities

Order Status:
If  you would like to know the status of your order or tracking number, please log into your KOR account using your order number (check your e-mail) and check the updates we’ve sent you.  (Helpful Tip: We use the e-mail address you gave us when you placed your order, which MAY not be your primary e-mail address.  If you paid with PayPal, it will be THAT address).  We update your account with current order statuses DAILY.  Armed with the knowledge from just a few of those websites listed above, you’ll be able to do almost ANY job on your Jeep you desire, because there’s a lot of people who have ”been there, done that”, and wrote about how YOU can do it an EASIER way than they did.  Learning from THEIR mistakes!  Online Forum Communities are AMAZING for learning things you’d never find out on your own without literally WEEKS of trial and error in many cases.  Join up with at least two of the above forums today…you’ll be glad you did!!  

Order Status Questions:
If it’s been more than 10 BUSINESS days (not calendar days) and you’ve not received your parts and/or the order status on your account has not changed, please send us an inquiry with your order number so we can track it down and figure out what’s going on with it.  Our goal is to ship normally stocked items in less than 2 business days after you place the order (and we’re hitting that goal about 80% of the time…some days stuff will even go out the SAME DAY, if you order by 10am!!), and non-stocked hand-built items (Roof Racks, Bumpers) in less than 15 business days (and we’re hitting THAT goal about 90% of the time).

Your Track Bar Bracket Core Return Address: Core Returns 5156 West Olive Avenue #501 Glendale, AZ 85302
Our Mailing/Billing Address:, LLC 8050 N 19th Ave #105 Phoenix, AZ 85021
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5340 W Bethany Home Rd Glendale, AZ 85301
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We’re overjoyed to assist you via e-mail in answering specific pre-purchase or compatibility questions about our product lines found on our website.  Please e-mail us using the form below.  In order for me to prioritize my day efficiently, please use a subject line that most appropriately describes the intent of your e-mail.  If it’s urgent, please mention that in the subject line of your e-mail and we’ll get back to you sooner.  With Rob and I being the only ones here in the office, we don’t have the ability to answer the phone the entire business day AND get everything else done that we need to do on a daily basis, though we do return voice mails within a day. 
NOTE: If you do NOT want to be added to our Exclusive Specials e-mail list, simply let us know when you’re e-mailing us. We don’t want to spam anyone, but there are some GREAT deals you’re missing out on if you’re not on the list! 
SPECIAL NOTE: We seem to be having some difficulty in getting consistent e-mail communication back and forth between some customers and KOR; namely accounts on Yahoo and Hotmail, which is probably due to your spam filter.  We check our spam regularly for keywords like “WJ, ZJ, XJ, TJ, JK, JEEP, Cherokee, Grand” and so on, but we are still not getting some messages.  If you have not received a response within 48 hours, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER and/or resend your message with the word “JEEP” in the subject. WE NEVER DELETE CUSTOMER E-MAIL MESSAGES WITHOUT RESPONDING TO THEM! 
Looking forward to getting back to you ASAP, Very Sincerely, Kevin and the KOR Krew.

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