Dodge Ram 3500 6 inch Lift Kit: 2013 & Newer

Dodge Ram 3500 6 inch Lift Kit 2013+ 699H

Dodge Ram 3500 6 inch Lift Kit 2013+ 699HThe BDS Dodge Ram 3500 6 inch Lift Kit for the redesigned front suspension of the Ram 2013+ heavy duty trucks, is the first lift kit of its kind to hit the market!

This system uses a pair of specially machined 1/4″ thick steel radius arm relocation brackets and threaded inserts, uniquely designed to mix ease of installation with strength and durability.  The brackets create a stout mounting location for the radius arms by tying into both the factory radius arm frame mount and the side of the frame rails.  This repositions the factory radius arms and corrects suspension geometry and caster for 6″ of lift.

(The threaded inserts (2) do require a minor amount of welding in order to provide the strongest possible connection.  This portion of the installation can be completed without welding and then transported to a weld shop to be welded if necessary).

Up front, the Dodge Ram 3500 6 inch Lift Kit includes new ProRide progressive rate coil springs which provide excellent on road ride and offroad performance while holding up to the rigors that 1-ton truck owners demand.  In addition the kit includes track bar relocation, a forged dropped pitman arm, sway bar relocation brackets, and brake line relocation to round out the front portion of the system.

Dodge Ram 3500 6 inch Lift Kit 2013+ 699H

The front end redesign of the 2013+ Ram means the front driveshaft has a more limited range of motion compared to the previous generation trucks.  A new laser cut transmission crossmember with adjustable transmission mounting plate and transfer case indexing ring kit are included to correct the driveline angles required with 6 inches of lift. (*indexing ring fits 6-bolt transmissions only, will not fit optional 8-bolt RAM 4500 transmissions).

The rear of the Dodge Ram 3500 6 inch Lift Kit includes a 5 inch block and u-bolt system which provides a level-to-slightly tail high stance.  The kit is available with your choice of BDS-5500 hydraulic or Fox 2.0 performance shocks to offer a great ride and improved dampening performance. This kit allows for 37″ tires to be installed.

*Please note: This lift is only applicable to the following trucks- 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 4WD *

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Dodge Ram 3500 6 inch Lift Kit 2013+ 699H

  • Tire & Wheel Combinations
  • 37″ x 12.50 w/9″ and 4.5-5″ back spacing
  • Est. Installation: 5 hours
  • Difficulty Level (easy 1 – 5 complicated): 3






The Dodge Ram was built from 1981 to Present.  For more info on Ram Trucks, here is a great article on Wikipedia.

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