Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl For Kids Sake

The Gang - "Mine's In The Gutter" Team

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake 2010

Miles goes WILD!

Thank you, all, so VERY much for your assistance in raising funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  There were about 75 of us there in one of the bowling alleys in Glendale, Az., and there were about 5 or 6 bowling alleys around the Valley that were participating.

All together, we raised $30,000 for the Big Brothers group.  Every match costs BBBS $1000, so that means that we raised enough money to match up 60 new “Little Brothers” and “Big Brothers”!!

Your generosity helped positively affect 60 individual people’s lives, not to mention your support of the role models in this group, AND, the benefit of raising awareness of this great program!  It was a huge success!!

I owe everyone who donated a thank you note, and I’m going to be sending out a few gift certificates, hats, and shirts.  BBBS is always happy for donations, and if you find it within to toss even $5 in the direction of BBBS, I’d be forever grateful.  This program has touched my life, for certain.  And, because he was impressed by my path, my best buddy, Dan, ALSO decided to get involved with BBBSAz, and is matched up with a “little” as well.

Anyway, again…thank you SO much for your donations during the contest.  I’m going to get those prizes out to the winners in the next 5 business days!

My most gracious thank yous!


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