Grand Slam West in Moab, UT – An Amazing Annual Event You’ve Been Missing Out On!!

Grand Slam West in Moab, UT is an amazing event, held annually in June, and designed to offer fun trails, friendship, and stewardship among Grand Cherokee owners. Stock, Overland, or Rock Crawler, you and your Grand Cherokee will be right at home with lots of trail options, optional obstacles, expert spotting, and plenty of bypasses.  We run a wide diversity of trails each year, from the scenic and cool LaSal Mountain Pass Loop (rated a 1.5 out of 5), to the quintessential Moab 4×4 trail Hell’s Revenge (rated 3.0), to the brutal 4.0+ trail through Pritchett Canyon, and a bunch of great trails in between.  In addition to those three “standards” we always run, here’s some trails we’ve run in the past several years:

Hey Joe Canyon, Chicken Corners, Gemini Bridges, Poison Spider Mesa, Moab Rim, Behind the Rocks, Cliffhanger, Fins and Things, Flat Iron Mesa, Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, Hellroaring Rim, Kane Creek, Metal Masher, Sevenmile Rim, Steel Bender, Strike Ravine, Top of the World, White Rim, and others….

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Grand Slam West has it’s roots in just a few Grand Cherokee owners who put their heads together back in 1997, and planned the first event for the summer of 1998 in Moab, Utah.  The KOR family has made a lot of friends over the years with other Grand Cherokee owners who attend the event each year, and we absolutely LOVE the camaraderie!  Oh, and did we mention all the free raffle prizes?  EVERYONE goes home with at least one give-away item…sometimes more than just one!  Last year we gave away over $500 in prizes!

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If you can figure out how to make it happen, do yourself a favor, and bring your Grand Cherokee out for Grand Slam West this coming summer.  I’m *certain* you’re going to come back again and again.

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-Kevin and the KOR krew

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