Grand Slam West Review – GSW 2015 Part 7

by | May 11, 2016 | Blog - "All The News That's Unfit For Print", Excursions & Expeditions, Grand Slam | 0 comments

Day Three (and Four)
Back in the saddle again

Our lunch break lasted a bit over an hour as everyone just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery.  Despite my very sore and marginally functional legs, as well as all the hiking I’d done already, I just couldn’t sit still while surrounded by these amazing views, so I scouted around a bit to take it all in.  Keep in mind that this is the first time I’d ever seen this, and it was just blowing me away; it was easy to understand why GSW keeps coming back year after year.  From atop a not-so-grassy knoll, I had views of the Colorado river on one side and high snow-capped mountain peaks on the other; this was just breathtaking!  Those snow-capped mountains incidentally, were the very same ones that had attempted to murder us just two days before (okay, a little over dramatic, but those were the mountains we were in).  Clouds wrapped around the peaks, curtains of rain draped over the landscape, and occasionally I would catch a glimpse of lightning strikes.  It was clearly storming like crazy and as beautiful as it was, I was very glad that we were not still stuck out there.


After lunch we packed our picnic gear back into our Jeeps and continued on our way for some more great wheeling and amazing landscape.  I honestly don’t have much to write about here, unless you want to hear about every single twist and turn.  Just enjoy the photos as I enjoyed the scenery.

At the end of the day, everyone reconvened at Swanny City Park (I still haven’t seen a single swan) for the end of event barbeque and raffle.  There was plenty of great food, trail stories, and comradery to share.  GSW has some great sponsors and it looks like they’ve pick up a few more for 2016.  The sponsors donated all kinds of great prizes for the raffle, and people were going home with t-shirts, stickers, LED light bars, suspension components, and all kinds of great stuff; one lucky winner took home a grill!  These guys know how to throw an event!  The food, drink, and good times continued to flow until a storm rolled in and rained us out (seemed to be the theme for the week), and everyone headed off to their respective accommodations.

The following morning, Kevin, Ally, and I packed up camp and got ready for the trip back to Phoenix.  We made a stop in town where everyone had gathered to say their goodbyes before either hitting the road themselves, or taking in one last trail for the weekend.  I really didn’t want to leave and was already thinking about GSW ’16 (which at this point is only a month away, yay)  So with heavy heart and very sore legs, I saddled up on my iron steed and we hit the road.


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