Kevin and his crew makes any task a ton easier…

“Having the proper “know-how” when its crucial, knowing that Kevin and his crew makes any task a ton easier with its comprehensive jeepers knowledge. I am telling you with personal experience that you can rest assure that you will be taken great care of when dealing with KOR and so far my purchases have outlasted my Jeep’s life.”

Barry Feland

Vancouver, British Columbia

Death Wobble is totally gone

“I have a 2006 Rubicon Unlimited 4″ lift 33” tires that I bought new. Death wobble started about 35,000 miles. I have tried several fixes and was just a band aid to the problem. I purchased the Hard Kor Death Wobble kit and the ORO U Turn steering kit and installed them last weekend. Death Wobble is totally gone I can’t even get a little shimmy in the wheel at any speed. Drives down the highway better than new. Thanks Kevin“.

Randy Lloyd

Reno, NV

Another DW case Cured

“Recently after lifting my jeep I ran into the Death Wobble curse. replaced everything and was still getting it, ordered the WJ Secondary Steering Stabilizer system and it fixed my wobbles. I am still thinking my NEW IRO Track bar’s bushings are just not hard enough, as I can still feel a lil wobble but it does not go into a death wobble, more of a shimmy. So I will be ordering the KOR Super HARD Bushings and it should be golden! Thanks“.

Andrew Gonzales

Mesa, AZ

Thank you guys for an awesome product…

“Well I got the KOR hard bushing and stabilizer installed. And WOW what a difference the whole steering feels way tighter and more responsive and just all around so much better. I bought these both at the same time due to my bump steer problem and it cured it almost completely with these two things. Thank you guys for an awesome product. Still have a tiny shimmy but it’s 95% better“.

Richard Young

McMinnville, OR

Thanks KOR great product…

“I completely changed the rear suspension on my 03 WJ trying to get rid of this dreaded clunking noise. Nothing worked until now, thanks KOR great product“.

Richard M. Retzinger

Lake Bluff, IL

Can’t wait to use you guys again…

“Thank you for getting everything to me on time. I installed the Track Bar and disconnects. Went on my test drive to find my favorite pot holes… lol. Anyway the DW is gone road over the pot holes and not even a shimmy. The suspension feels like it’s working better than it ever has in the last 5 years. Can’t wait to use you guys again. I will be bragging on your parts and your service…you guys know jeeps. Thx again.”

Lance Miller

Halethrope, MD

2004 Rubicon death wobble

“I worked over the phone with Rob, from KOR, to troubleshoot a death wobble problem I had with my 04 Rubicon. I spent about $3000. And two years trying to fix it before working with Rob. He looked at all of the data I sent him, along with alignment print outs, and receipts for parts I had replaced and he suggested an upgraded front track bar, JKS, with heavy duty bushings. It did the job! I have not had any issues since replacing the track bar. These guys know their stuff!!!!

Chad Parkey

Owasso, OK

A very happy customer…

“I’ve been running Kevin’s Trackbar conversion on my ZJ for a long time now, well over 10 years, and have been a very happy customer. Earlier this summer I noticed some play in the adjustment area on my trackbar that was pretty unsafe. So I called up Kevin to get another bar to start getting the ZJ safe to drive again. The install is fairly straightforward, and went pretty smooth. Even though I bought the original trackbar conversion 10+ years ago, KOR was still able to get me the separate components I needed to handle my jamb nut issue. I haven’t got it out on the trail yet as the snow is starting to fly in the mountains here in CO, but am looking forward to the front being tighter on the trails next year“!

Dave Reichert

Denver, CO

Thank you for the great service.

“Wanted to let you know that I received the steering stabilizer and it was installed and works great. Took care of the wobble. The old stabilizer had rusted and leaked fluid.Thank you for the great service“.

Jeff Westbrook

Shabbona, IL

Quality is TOP NOTCH

“I went down this morning and picked up the bumper. Everything looks great. I have already dropped it off to be powder coated. I want to say thanks for following up with me on this one until we got it figured out. Not a lot of companies do that anymore. I really like the product you have put together. I now have a safari roof rack & a rear bumper from you guys and the quality is TOP NOTCH!!!! You guys have been great to work with. I’ll be sure to share a good word with anyone about you guys and the way you do business. Thanks a bunch“.

Travis Tanner

Billings, MT

Ordered a death wobble kit

“Recently I ordered a death wobble kit for my 2008 wrangler. Just wanted to let you know my mechanic was impressed to say the least. He said I should send you a shout out at for your quality, he does not easily impress. I told him that if the slim chance it doesn’t work you will work with him. Again thank you”.

Guy Lovelace

Gaylord, MI


“Installed the JKS disconnects on my 04 Rubicon, was a breeze. Can’t wait to give them a go when all this white stuff melts–lol Shipping was great and will foe sure purchase moe parts in the very near future–Thanks–until next time”.

Clyde Benson

Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks for making things that fit Rangers…

“I finally got around to installing the differential skid. It fits very well, and is a snap to bolt up…Thanks for making things that fit Rangers, not many folks do“.

Cary Stehle

Redondo Beach, CA

Awesome bumpers and sliders…

“Shout out to you guys for the awesome bumpers and sliders. They got my ZJ on 33s through the rubicon with zero body damage. Those things really held up and paid for themselves within the first 15 feet. You advertise them to protect the rockers which they do very well) but they significantly enhanced my ZJs capability in the rocks“.

William Bartels

Yucca Valley, CA

Great job guys…

“Hey guys, Good news…The alignment shop cleared up any remaining quirks the Jeep was having. Praise the Lord. I am very happy with steering and track bar set up. It no longer is pulling when shifting and it has a nice tight steering feel. That’s a win in my book, great job guys and thank you for all the help. Take care and God bless“.

Robert Nunnally

Bandon, OR

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