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Jeep JK Wrangler

Check out our Jeep JK Wrangler Front Bumpers from Smittybilt!

Like all Smittybilt Jeep parts, these bumpers are quality engineered to exacting specifications to provide maximum vehicle protection without sacrificing ground clearance or approach angles.


Jeep JK Wrangler Front Bumpers - SmittybiltThe XRC Bumper line was engineered to provide maximum clearance for rock crawling.  Each of these Jeep JK Wrangler front bumpers has high degree approach angles and raised corners to maximize ground clearance, with 3/16″ cold rolled steel bars robotically welded to the exact specifications.  A two stage textured matte black powder coat is then applied for the ultimate look.  The front stinger is manufactured from 1.75″ tubing and has 2 light tabs that could accommodate up to two 9″ lights.  Its unique design is capable of mounting up to 10,000 lb winch with the option of running an aluminum or roller fairlead.  Each bumper was developed to be a complete bolt on and requires no modifications to your vehicle.

  • Manufactured from 3/16 cold roll steel
  • 1.75″ 120 wall over rider and kickers
  • Raised corners for better entry and exit under the most extreme conditions
  • Solid Mount D-Rings – Welds on the inside and out!
  • Solid plate center section that wraps the frame horns and lower cross member
  • Built in winch plate to accommodate up to 10k winch
  • One-Piece welded design
  • Two Stage Matte Black Finish Powder Coat Finish – 5 year Limited Warranty

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Jeep JK Wrangler Front Bumpers - SmittybiltThe SRC bumpers are engineered to provide the maximum protection without sacrificing the ability to go anywhere off road.  Each SRC Front Bumper features a 3/16″ solid plate center section that wraps and protects the frame horns and lower cross member; which provides the ultimate protection when off roading.  Each front bumper has an integrated winch mount and is capable of holding a winch with up to a 10,000 LB rated line pull.  Both the front and the rear bumpers feature a two point shackle mount system that is welded on the outside and inside of the bumper.  The 1.75″ over rider and wings are manufactured from 1010.120 wall tubing and are custom formed to compliment the front of your new Jeep.  All of the SRC products come in the signature series matte black textured two stage powder coat.

  • Center section is manufactured from 3/16″ Cold Rolled Steel Plate to protect the frame horns and lower cross member
  • The wings and over rider is manufactured form 1.75″ 120 tubing
  • Two Point D-Rings are one of the strongest mounts in the industry
  • One Piece Welded Design
  • Front bumper features two light tabs to hold up to a pair of 9″ light
  • Integrated winch mount holds up to a 10,000 lb rated line pull winch
  • Two stage matte black powder coat finish – 5 Year Limited Warranty

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The Jeep JK Wrangler was built from 2007 to Present.

For more info on the JK, here is a great article on Wikipedia.

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