Jeep JK Wrangler Heavy Duty Tie Rod

Jeep JK Wrangler Heavy Duty Tie Rod KOR-JKTR

Have you bent your JK’s stock tie rod?  Tired of smacking it on rocks and other trail obstacles?  We’ve come up with yet another creative solution for you, with parts you simply can’t find anywhere else.  Check out our Hard-KOR Jeep JK Wrangler Heavy Duty Tie Rod!

The design is similar to our proven U-Turn kits for the TJ/XJ/ZJ, and  raises the tie rod almost 1″ over the stock position so you don’t smack it on rocks as much.  The straight tie rod ability is accomplished by utilizing a relocation bracket on the steering knuckles.   This bracket allows the tie rod ends position to be moved forward and allows for a straight tie rod from wheel to wheel.  This Reduces that “Floaty” feeling associated with stock steering and is a LOT thicker than the stock crap.  We use new Spicer tie rod ends, and solid 1.375″ heat treated chromoly, E-coated black for rust prevention, and allows you to easily adjust toe by spinning the tie rod.  Our tie rod is PLENTY beefy and EXTREMELY resilient to bending, even in hardcore rock crawling situations.

This 100% bolt on kit contains all the parts necessary to remove the factory tie rod on your JK Wrangler and bolt on this upgrade.
 Note: IF Your JK has a bolt on steering stabilizer bracket, you will need to transfer that to the new tie rod, to retain the stock stabilizer in the stock position. An easy fix for the stabilizer is to utilize the Steering Stabilizer Relocation kit, sold separately.

Jeep JK Wrangler Heavy Duty Tie Rod KOR-JKTR

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 The Jeep JK Wrangler was built from 2007 to Present.  For more info on the JK, here is a great article on Wikipedia.

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