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Thank you, Jeep, for locating the steering stabilizer on my JK Unlimited way down BELOW the axle tube…nearly rubbing the pavement it’s so low! The absolute LAST place I want to lose maneuverability is while I’m out offroading somewhere; where repairing the problem is WAY more difficult than in my shop near all my tools!

Unfortunately, mangling the steering stabilizer affects Wrangler JK owners WAY more often than necessary, until now. The factory mounting location of the steering stabilizer is immediately forward and several inches below the front axle tube, leaving the steering stabilizer prone to damage, and worse, will lock up your steering if you bend the shaft of the stabilizer.

JKS Manufacturing’s Jeep specialists have developed a solution which optimizes steering stabilizer location, while increases it’s performance. Our Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket is an EXTREMELY heavy-duty bracket that positions the stabilizer in a much safer high-clearance location, where miserable ground clearance and being concerned with banging it into obstacles are no longer a problem for you…all of which means less “Did that guy break AGAIN??!!” overheard coming from near the head of the group.

Our Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket is crafted from premium 0.25” steel: precision computer cuts…mechanically formed and folded, all to provide a perfect fit while offering incredible strength. The extremely  heavy-duty stabilizer mounting stud is robotically radially and rosette welded to the bracket, and includes all the hardware to ensure a secure and MUCH safer connection than the way it came from the factory. As a finishing touch and with the attention to detail you expect from JKS, the entire bracket is coated with a protective zinc plating, who provides an attractive and durable surface, laughing in the face of oxidation.

Our heavy-duty relocation bracket is a bolt-on installation using the high-quality fasteners supplied, and is a perfect choice for Jeep JK Wrangler owners who seek a more protected location for their stabilizer. Optionally, our bracket can be installed using a weld-on installation, fusing the bracket permanently to multiple points on the axle bracketry, which will also reinforce the weak factory trackbar bracket, (ever seen one of these ripped off the axle?  Not a pretty sight!), which also serves as an alternative to our Front Trackbar Brace (PN OGS161) on vehicles without an inverted drag link.

Pick one up today, and protect your investment, cause good steering stabilizers aren’t cheap, and bending your junk NEVER adds to an otherwise good time on the trail.

FREE SHIPPING OGS162 JK Wrangler Steering Stabilizer Bracket

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