If you’ve ever wished that you could tailor your ride-height perfectly on your Cherokee, Wrangler, or Grand Cherokee, ACOS spacers are your solution.  Have a spring sagging that you now have to replace?  Would you like to have different ride-heights available to you during different times of the year?  You are really going to love me if that’s the case, ’cause boy, do I have a solution for YOU!!!  “ACOS™”, or Adjustable Coil Over Spacers by JKS Manufacturing.  A very nicely built unit that will eliminate the problems associated with trying to make your Jeep level.  Add a stereo to the back and weighing it down?  Add or remove a heavy front bumper?  No trouble!  Within a few moments you can have your Jeep back to level without removing springs and using compressors.  Check it out:

Original Adjustable Coil Spacers

ACOS Pro with Jounce bumper built in

  • USEFUL when making future plans for heavy bumpers and/or winches (typically adding 100lb+)

  • Can be installed with just a few tools: installation is no more difficult than a Budget Boost

  • Available for the front and rear springs on ZJs and TJs, and the front coils of XJ.

  • Adjustable in just minutes from 1.25″ to 3.00” (recommended maximum) of lift.

  • Compensate for sagging coil springs, which will invariably sag over time

  • Adjust to compensate for uneven spring heights from side to side.

  • Ultimate add-on lift for those who don’t want to swap out springs.

  • Extremely simple to install and looks SLICK as hell!

Install instructions for spring spacer lifts HERE

Install instructions for ACOS spacers HERE

NOTE: At this time we don’t have any way to modify these spacers to work on the WJ, but we are working toward a solution.  We will post info as soon as we know how we are going to pull it off.

*Free shipping to the 48 states


**ZJ Rear ACOS Installers: We have had an issue with the rear UpCountry springs being wrapped slightly too tight to go over the ACOS threaded post.  You can easily clearance the spring with a Dremel tool, or just simply removing a small portion of the “pig-tail” from the top of the spring with a right-angle grinder or saw.  This ONLY affects the rear UpCountry springs, so far as we can tell. -Kevin-

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