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Kevin: PhD in Jeepology, School of Hard Rocks

Kevin has been the proud owner of Kevin’s OffRoad (KOR) since 1999.  Kevin knew he NEEDED to travel the world, and explore the local area also, so he built several 4x4 vehicles over the years to get him and his family off the beaten path, and into touch with nature as often as he can.  He is the industry expert on the causes and cures for Death Wobble as well as the author of the book Death Wobble Causes and Cures. His business was originally called “Kevin’s Jeep Parts”, and the whole business got started somewhat by accident. To read more about how KevinsOffroad.com got started, read our About Us page. Kevin loves being outdoors, (obviously!)  He also enjoys spending time with the people he loves!  It’s a big group of friends and family including: his amazing, loving, daughter Ally, who is his #1 off-roading partner; his EXTREMELY PATIENT (and supportive…and beautiful!) partner Alisa; and his large “inner circle” of amazing friends.  He also loves to meet new people and make new friends, and he looks for opportunities to help other people, give to others, and “Pay it Forward”.  Check out two of Kevin’s favorite charities: BigBrothersBigSisters.com and Make A Wish , as well as Kevin’s side project, ActsOfKindnessProject.com. Through years of soul-searching, personal reflection, and feedback from his weekly Mastermind Group, Kevin has figured out that he’s extremely passionate about three main categories: Teaching, Learning, and Travel, and if he can do all three at once, he’s in hog-heaven!  So far, Kevin has visited 48 of the US States, all but one Province in Canada, all of Western Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, some of Mexico’s mainland, much of the Caribbean, 20+ countries in Europe and Scandinavia, and can’t wait to travel to other countries he’s not yet explored.  Check out his blog and videos to see some of his recent trips across this amazing planet.

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