(the entire weight of the Grand Cherokee above is being supported by it’s Rock Sliders.  Click on the pic for a larger size)

Available for all years of Cherokees and Grand Cherokees.  Kevin’s Rock Sliders® are “Rubicon Tested, Moab Approved”™.  I’ve been selling these since 1999 now, and have saved my customers potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage on their rigs.  Hit the trails with confidence before a rock you thought you’d clear, but didn’t, ruins your entire trip.

Kevin & Co.,  Now what am I going to do?  I got the Sliders today and put them on. I had no trouble installing them – other than the standard “whish I had a hand and arm in the middle of my chest” kind of issues.  The Sliders arrived in perfect shape, all of the hardware was in the package, and they fit up like they were – heh – made for my Jeep!!!  I don’t care that they took a couple of extra days to arrive. Based on my satisfaction with the roof rack, I had reason to believe the Sliders would be just as great.  This note is to let you know that the Sliders are, in fact, great!  Smashing them up will be a pleasure! 😉  Probably going to be buying again soon, Michael Combest, Baldwin City, Ks.

Now available, JKS SuperNerf bars as well

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Each kit includes mounting hardware and a sticker.  On a difficulty scale from 1-10, installing these is around 5-6.  Add some peace of mind today.

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