The KOR Loyalty Program Pays You Back

Hey guys it’s Kevin here. I wanted to talk today about the rebate program we’ve got, and how it works.

Before I do that, I just wanted to be extremely grateful and thank you guys for your loyalty over the years since we started in 1999. You’ve helped keep our staff working even through the Great Recession as they’re calling it and you guys played a gigantic part in that obviously. So first off, thank you very much, our families and our staff thank you so very much.

Now I wanted to let you know about our Rebate Program. We’re putting our money where our mouth is and making sure you guys know how grateful we truly are for your loyalty and your support over the years.

How it works… When you go to checkout we keep track of the amount of dollars that you spend with us. Basically it’s a 5% rebate you’re going to get back on your second order or your next order, I guess I should say. You can also accumulate the points if you wish towards a much larger purchase several orders down the road. We keep track of all that in the background, you guys don’t have to do anything as far as signing up. There is no charge of any sort.

Again this is just a matter of us being grateful and giving some way in which we can pay back for the loyalty you guys have expressed over the years. So thank you so very much for being a fantastic part of our success here and for your loyalty.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Easiest way is You can also give us a call or leave us a voicemail if somebody doesn’t answer. Phone number is 602-841-3355.

And again Guys… thank you so very much for your loyalty. We’re greatly appreciative and looking forward to taking great care of you over the years… in the future here.

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