Cherokee & Grand Cherokee Specialists…Exclusively American-Built by KOR

Cherokee & Grand Cherokee Specialists…Exclusively American-Built by KOR

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If you were looking for US-made, top-quality parts and accessories for TJ and JK Jeep Wrangler, ZJ and WJ Grand Cherokee, XJ Cherokee, or XK Commander, then you’ve found the site you’ve been searching for…we’re glad you’re finally here!

We are Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, and Commander specialists (all WJ, ZJ, XJ, WK, XK, KJ, KK models), and of course we also know our way around under the JK and TJ Wrangler too (those are easy!). There ARE NO other manufacturers DEDICATED to the rigs we build parts for in the World. Our in-house brand, Hard-KOR, stands for top-notch quality, and with our name on it, you KNOW that we’re going to stand behind it and take excellent care of you if you EVER have a concern.

Thank you for supporting the little guy, and get ready for some AWESOME Cherokee and Grand Cherokee parts that no one else makes, AND some outstanding customer service. We take great pride in our little niche market!

Here’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!

The phrase \”You can’t be good at ANYTHING if you try to be good at EVERYTHING\” is the premise of our boutique-style business.  We currently own (or have owned) a Wrangler, Early Bronco, two SuperDuties, four Cherokee and three Grand Cherokee s from back in 1992 to present day, and have wrenched on ALL of them and done all of our OWN work and modifications on them since Day 1.  So, to say that we have a bit of experience in successfully modifying these vehicles would be a bit of an understatement, lol.  We began manufacturing custom Grand Cherokee parts in early 1999 because there wasn’t a lot of options for Grand Cherokee and Cherokee owners like me who wanted heavy-duty offroad equipment.  Today we have branched out to other vehicles, never losing sight of that top-notch customer service that put us on the map.  Most of our products you’ll find on our website are items that we made for our own vehicles, tested on some of the most difficult trails in the country, and we’ve reproduced for our customers, so that they can benefit from the time that we have invested into the research and design of these products we developed.  We also have many items that you just can’t find anywhere else because no one else makes one.  Irrespective of your level of interest and expertise in modifying and/or offroading, I think you’ll find something interesting in the menu at the top and to the right.

Another thing you’ll notice about us is that you won’t see ANY low-quality parts available on our website.  We believe in the application of good quality parts the first time around, even if it requires you to save up for another few months to get GOOD stuff.  We will always lead you toward the best \”Bang For Your Buck\” (BFYB) because we happen to know that there is a lot of junk out there, which you’re going to end up replacing quickly.  Reading through our website and commenting when you have a question will help edu-ma-cate you on why you might NOT want to buy a particular product for your Jeep.  Many items we manufacture are a LOT better for the same price, or often we can get you a FAR better quality product for only a few bucks more.  Our website is NOT, I repeat NOT, for price-sensitive customers who have very little budget to work with.  eBay is a great place to pick up cheapie stuff from any number of vendors who want to sell you their home-built products.  Homey don’t play that!  We are a full-on business, licenses and everything, and have 3,000+ square feet of warehouse and office space in Phoenix, AZ, and accept walk-in customers daily.  Why is this important?  Well, let’s just say you buy something for your Jeep off of eBay or some other home-based website that LOOKS like a real business, and it’s faulty, doesn’t fit, rusts, or makes your Jeep ride like hell…and you want to return it.  What are your chances of getting a refund from a eBay seller who works out of his house and has no need to rely upon return customers because he attracts new customers off of eBay every day?  Think twice, and if they balk when you ask them for their physical address or a photo of their place of business, you’ll know why.  They don’t WANT you to know where they are for a reason…because they don’t want you knocking on their front door of their home if you have a problem with their products.

We’ve relied HEAVILY upon return customers over the last 10+ years of business, and the only way we’ve found to guarantee that people return, is if we make them happy by getting top-notch parts on their doorstep quickly.  So…we take EXCELLENT care of our customers the first time, the second time, and so on, to ASSURE that they keep coming back.  Working at the Ritz-Carlton for 7 years taught more than most people in this industry know about customer service and brand loyalty.  Loyalty breeds loyalty.  If we’re loyal to our customers and take consistently EXCELLENT care of them, we know that there is a VERY good chance that they will be loyal to us, even if they find our prices are a shade higher than some of the other retailers they could purchase from.  However, I am more than happy to attempt to price-match on equal products (even with the monsters in the industry) for my loyal returning customers.  In many cases, I am either breaking even or losing money by doing so.  It’s THAT competitive in our industry.  Hell…I’m jumping up and down if I can make 20% margin on some of this stuff.  Ask WalMart or Sears how much margin they make…I think it’s around 60%.  In OUR industry, the difference between the manufacturer’s buy-price and the \”typical\” price you find on the internet is typically only 20% (and the credit card processing company takes 3% of the total sale), which is one reason why you don’t see an offroad shop on every block like you do with Walgreens.  Again, I am MORE than happy to keep our loyal customers happy by price-matching…and giving them absolutely no reason to purchase anything anywhere else.  See how hard I’m ALREADY working to gain your business?  That’s the attitude we have here…to make sure you walk away with a smile on their face and a feeling that we’ve given you a fair price on a great product. was founded on the principal of offering high-quality aftermarket Cherokee and Grand Cherokee parts while striving to provide the best customer service in the industry.  Customer service and satisfaction is essential to a positive buying experience, wouldn’t you agree?  Don’t forget…I’m a consumer too!  We stand behind the quality of our work 100%, and we have loads of happy customers out there who have been treated with the utmost respect, which is something that you don’t find a lot of in this industry.  You should also know that we spent less than $800 in advertising in our FIRST THREE YEARS of business because we were taking great care of our customers, and they were recommending us to their friends.  Word of mouth is MUCH more meaningful than an ad in the back of a magazine, anyway, because any schmoe can pay for ad space…it doesn’t mean they have a good product OR a reasonable level of customer service.  So, that said, the game-plan is to keep overhead low, and keep right on producing top-quality products at a great price…

Are you ready to become a satisfied customer?

Thank you for choosing!


In The Next Three Minutes, You’ll Learn How To Have A TON Of Enjoyment With Family And Friends For The Price Of A Fill Up At Your Local Gas Station…

I don’t know about you, but most people have cut WAY back on expensive vacations, and are doing a lot more in their local areas to save money everywhere they can.  The problem is, however, that you can get bored pretty easily going to movies instead of traveling, and going to Fast Food restaurants and watching TV.  How do you break that cycle?

Myself and my family are having a GREAT time doing more “Exploration” trips around Arizona in the Grand Cherokee than ever before (in fact, we did an AMAZING trip to Canyon De Chelly in Sept ’10, which you can see videos of HERE and pictures of HERE.  We’ve lived in AZ for 20+ years, and like you, I’m certain, there is STILL stuff in our own backyard that I’ve never taken the time to see.  We used to focus on taking flights, booking hotels, and dining in nice restaurants in some other City, some other State, or some other Continent.  We packed so much into those trips, that we needed a break from our vacation once we got home!

Why not spend some weekend time in your Grand Cherokee, Commander, Wrangler or Cherokee which you ALREADY OWN AND PAY FOR, and explore your own State with your family…spending your money locally and supporting your “local” economy (except for the money you want to send to us, of course, lol).  Perhaps you take the jump and join a friendly local Jeep club, and meet some good folks who not only share in your interest to explore, but also may have some great experiences they might share with you if you ask.  I have met the BEST FRIENDS while Jeeping somewhere…this community is second to none, I feel, in the aspect of meeting AMAZING people who share MY interests.  In fact, I’ve been friends for 10+ years with a half-dozen or so guys I met back in 1999 at the 2nd Annual Grand Slam West in Moab, UT.  There are some QUALITY PEOPLE out there that own Jeeps, and I’m encouraging you to get out there and meet them.

The way I see it is this: a nice 10-day trip to Europe has NEVER run me less than $3,000 by the time it was all said and done, and that was traveling solo.  For $3,000, someone can purchase a really nice $200 tent, a couple of nice $100 sleeping bags, a CORNUCOPIA of great food (and beer!), a $100 camping stove, a few bucks on fuel to get there and back, and still have well over $2,000 left over to spend on whatever they want to.

My thinking has recently changed on travel for fun, once I met up with a local Arizona-based Jeep club named .  These folks know how to explore!!  They do it up with roof-top tents, off-road utility trailers, full-on outdoor kitchen setups, and if you ever need a part for your Jeep, chances are you’re going to find it in the group, so you DON’T HAVE to carry everything yourself.  Bonus!!

Anyway, as a guy who’s becoming more and more community-minded, I’ve decided to offer a comprehensive listing of local Jeep Clubs that you’re involved with, or that you’ve heard of, which are in your local communities.  The intent in mind is to give our loyal customers something of a high value (Exploring in the Jeep you already own!) which you can do on the weekends, rather than saving money for expensive trips to Disney World, The Grand Canyon, and other “common” places people take their family on vacation.  Those places are where the “masses” go, mostly because they don’t own the Jeep you already own, because they don’t HAVE a choice like you do!!  You already own the perfect tool to explore…why not USE IT for what it was designed for…hitting the road, finding a trail to discover, and doing something different than the masses.  I know, for me, it’s been EXTREMELY valuable for myself and my family, our relationships, and our friendships, and we’ve benefitted immensely as a result.

Find a local club near you today, join up, and hit the roads and trails around YOUR community, meet some good people, take some photos, and  improve your families’ relationships at the same time.

Many Happy Trails!

Kevin and Fam


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