Thank you, all, for an amazing 2008! I learned and changed myself and
the way I do things a lot this year. We’ve been spending time,
recently, getting the shop and offices thouroughly organized and
running as efficiently as possible, selling off unused parts and
equipment locally, researching new products, and it’s paying off in
dividends! Our production demands have gotten to a point that we
really need to be efficient in how much time it takes us to do
EVERYTHING, so I purchased a book at the other day about manufacturing
processes, and making things as “fluid” and “smooth” as possible in
the manufacturing process, so we’re re-arranging our equipment to be
more efficient. We’ve also added an installation bay for local
installs, and will be purchasing a bunch of equipment in 2009 so that
we’re doing less outsourcing, and have more control over our products
and the amount of raw product that sits on our shelves, waiting for us
to build it, which comes hand-in-hand with outsourcing, typically.
I’m really looking forward to it!! We’re growing, expanding, and
everything is falling into place nicely. Customer satisfaction is up
sharply now that we made some changes in the office, and things are
going amazingly well. And, as a huge bonus, I have even dropped a
total of 60lbs off my gut since April of this year, so I really
couldn’t be happier!!

Thank you, all, for an amazing 2008, and for your loyalty over the
years! I am looking forward to learning even more next year! Oh, and
my resolution this year is to do more

Happy New Year!
Kevin and the KOR staff

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