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Mike has been a customer of KOR since 2004, and began working for KOR in 2005, doing work on the website and designing the graphics in projects like Kevin’s Death Wobble book  as well as other graphic design and website work for KOR.  Mike is quite a character, who keeps us all laughing, and when we asked him for information for his profile page telling him that we’d like to know about his hobbies and interests, “kind of like a dating profile”…he took us literally, and this is what we got!…

“Me: White Male, 6’, blue eyes, decent build, working vigorously on ripped-muscular build.  Straight & straight edge.  Like movies, music, live shows, critters, playing outdoors, camping, hiking, climbing, 4-wheeling, motorcycling, & random spontaneous exploring.  I enjoy reading & learning new skills; I’m a bit of a philomath (I just discovered that word, by doing exactly that.  I like that word), web design, graphic design, photography & video production.  I like Tech, new & old, & being a gear head, I like just about anything with a motor in it; especially if it goes really fast”. 

Mike has lived all over the US, from one coast to another;  he loves to travel and see new places.  He laments the fact that he is the only one in his family who has yet to experience any travel outside of the US (a problem he plans to remedy very soon). 

Mike spent some time working in a high volume customer service call center for a major bank.  He states that after a few years of living in a high stress, low reward cubicle with no windows, he now understands why postal workers suddenly go crazy and start shooting everyone around them.  For the sake of his own sanity (and the safety of others), he took ALL of his accumulated vacation time from the bank, loaded his camping gear into his XJ and went on a job search road trip; vowing to work outdoors and on his own schedule as much as possible.  This led to him spending approximately the next 12 years working in the off-road tourism arena, taking people on back country adventures all over Colorado and Arizona.  In that time, he has wheeled military Humvees, civilian H1’s; Jeep CJ-5’s, 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s; YJ’s, TJ’s, LJ’s, JK’s, XJ’s, ZJ’s, and WJ’s.

Kevin says that Mike has probably logged more off road driving hours than anybody he knows.

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