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First, I’m not a fan of spreading rumors, but I got this from a reliable source.  To be clear, I’m not sure if this is a complete rumor, or whether it’s true, but I just got the following e-mail from one of my local Jeep clubs’ moderators, who I know and trust.  Please forgive me for my transgressions if it’s false info…I literally have zero time today to research to find out one way or the other, but I hope for Brad’s sake, it’s false!  This is one tough economy, and I hate to see one of our fellow brethren struggling.

Support your friendly Jeep shops!  Make certain we’re around next time you need us!!  🙂

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Jeep Expeditions Forum <administrator@jeepexpeditions.org> Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 1:28 PM

To: sales@kevinsoffroad.com

I just found out that Kilby Enterprises the only name in true onboard air for Jeeps is going out of business.

They are closing their door for good on Aug 15th, just 10 days from now.

While you can get most of the rest of the stuff you need for a great OBA system on your Jeep,  I don’t know of anyone else that has the specialized brackets to mount a York compressor under your hood.

They also have bumpers, dual battery conversions and morel.

They do not seem to be having a going out of business sale but they have cut prices by a few hundred on their systems.

Unless someone else picks up on the bracket end of the business,  installing an OBA system on your Jeep may become much more difficult to do.


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