Dodge Ram 3500 4.5 inch Lift Kit

Dodge Ram 3500 4.5 inch Lift Kit D50           Dodge Ram 3500 4.5 inch Lift Kit D50Zone Offroad Products is excited to announce their latest new product release, the Dodge Ram 3500 4.5 inch Lift Kit!  A complete 4.5″ Radius Arm Suspension Systems for the 2013+ RAM 3500 4WD trucks equipped with factory front radius arms.  This new lift system is engineered to take full advantage of the new radius arms using a pair of heavy duty drop brackets to reposition the factory radius arms to correct suspension geometry and compensate for the additional height.  These new frame mounted brackets tie into both the factory radius arm mounts and frame rails creating a rigid mounting surface able to hold up to off-road abuse.  The extra height comes from a pair specially designed 4.5″ progressive rate coil springs to offer unmatched highway and trail performance.  Due to the unique design on the new trucks, these coils are left-right side specific and marked accordingly. Steering correction comes from a forged dropped pitman arm and a heavy duty, fully welded front track bar bracket is used at the frame to recenter the front axle securely under the truck.  Rounding out the front of this 4.5″ lift kit are a pair of polyurethane extended bump stops, brake line relocation brackets, your choice of Zone hydro or Zone nitro shocks at all 4 corners, and all the necessary hardware to complete the install.  Out back the rear is lifted using a 3″ block and long u-bolts to level the stance and and allow for up to 37″ tires to be installed. In addition to this kit, Zone offers both single and dual steering stabilizer kits to fit the redesigned front end.  Available in both white (3000 series) and black (7000 series) finishes, these steering stabilizer kits are far superior to the factory stabilizer unit and a great addition to help control larger tires on and offroad.  The single kits are a stock replacement while the dual kits install stacked in the stock location.
  • Progressive rate front coil springs
  • Heavy duty radius arm relocation brackets
  • Levels stance and allows for up to 37″ tires
  • Great ride quality on/off-road
  • 100% Bolt-On

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Dodge Ram 3500 4.5 inch Lift Kit D50 Skill Level: 3 of 5 Installation Time: 5 to 6 hrs     The Dodge Ram was built from 1981 to Present.  For more info on Ram Trucks, here is a great article on Wikipedia.
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