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Cherokee Death Wobble Fix Package for 1987+ XJ (& MJ Comanche)

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Death Wobble Fix kit for Jeep Cherokee XJ and Jeep Comanche MJ

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Death Wobble compatibility icon MJ Comanche

XJ Cherokee / MJ Comanche Death Wobble Package; 1987-2001
(also available for 1984 – 1986 models)

(If you’ve not seen our write-up on Death Wobble, please read that first to understand better of what’s going on under your Jeep when the front end begins shaking after you hit a bump with the right front tire.)

This is our most popular and effective Death Wobble cure package for the 1987-2001 XJ Cherokee and MJ Comanche. These parts, properly installed on your XJ Cherokee or Comanche AT THE SAME TIME, will give you somewhere around an 80%-95% chance of curing your case of Death Wobble COMPLETELY.  We’ve been experimenting with and learning about the root causes of Death Wobble since 1999, and have experience that VERY few other shops possess.  In fact, we get calls for help from other 4×4 shops, and auto mechanics from all over, requesting our help and proven replacement parts to solve their customers Death Wobble problems.  We are the most well-known source, so I feel very comfortable in recommending these parts together as a package, not only because of our experience in curing literally hundreds of Death Wobble problems for over 10 years now, but because few shops know as much about Death Wobble as we do.

In fact, we have invented several products SPECIFICALLY designed to cure Death Wobble and reduce the “play” in the front end of the XJ Cherokee. Fortunately, the XJ Cherokee Death Wobble cases are easy to cure with the correct parts.  This package includes ALL the following items that we recommend people purchase and install TOGETHER when they are having Death Wobble problems.  These items are also available separately if you already own one or more of these components.

KOR-1199 Super Durometer Bushings upper and lower

KOR-1109 x 2 Polyurethane Lubricant Tubes

KOR-9001 Hard-KOR Track Bar Conversion

KOR-7400 Hard-KOR Steering Box Brace w/ mounting hardware

KOR-9309 Hard-KOR Steering Stabilizer w/ mounting hardware

Death Wobble can be triggered by MANY different front end components and alignment settings, so be aware that there is STILL a small chance you may need more assistance after these components are installed.  If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll talk you though getting this problem solved once and for all.  I have searched long and hard to find what components work, and it’s now available to you to cure YOUR Death Wobble problem.

Don’t delay your fix.  Get it handled today, and get your Jeep back to driving safely down the highway once again.

All products in this kit are proudly American-Made, except the steering stabilizer, which is made in Mexico. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible these days to find a US-Made steering stabilizer, but we’re still looking!

NOTE: If you still have the stock front anti-sway bar, you’ll need to purchase our optional Energy Suspension grease-able anti-sway bar bushing kits (search for “bushings”) which has more clearance than the stock bushing clamps do, and allows the brace to mount to the frame properly without having to mess with modifying the factory clamps. Please follow this link to determine your anti-sway bar diameter: Sway Bar Measuring Tape



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Weight26.6 lbs
Dimensions36 x 6 x 6 in


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    Answered by the admin

    Yes, this works on all XJ's form 1987-2001. Instructions are located on our website, here:

    There are no major modifications needed to install this kit outside of drilling out two bolt holes to a larger size.

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    Answered by the admin

    Hi there,

    While a bad wheel bearing certainly could contribute to death wobble, it is usually one of the less likely culprits. Much more likely to be an issue are tie rod ends, track bar bushings, or other wear points in the steering linkage. Please see our 'cure your own death wobble pa...

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