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$250 KOR Gift Certificate

  • $250.00

Buying for a friend, family member, loved one, hubby, boss, suitor, captor, beau, BFF, neighbor, or your pet or whatever, and need a gift EXTREMELY appropriate in order to "Say It Right"? Well, I recommend you "Say It Right" with romantic (and aromatic) Jeep parts! Each one is hand-built by the KOR Elves, with extra special touchy-feely compassionate love, punctuating that important message that you care enough to buy them the very best Jeep parts available. Each and every KevinsOffroad.com gift certificate is original, numbered, and signed by Kevin himself to make it that much more authentic. (with real ink, even...the kind that doesn't disappear!!). Each and every official KOR Gift Certificate is also hand-fed through our custom printer using the finest toner available, and printed on real fake parchment-ish-looking paper for an air of "I really want to make this look authentic" that your loved one will cherish for years to come, or at least until they need a special part for their Jeep. "KevinsOffroad.com Gift Certificates...When You HAVE To Say It Right, And Can't Go Wrong

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