Comanche MJ 1984-2001 JKS Front Lower Bar Pin Eliminator

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JKS introduces the JKS Front Lower Bar Pin Eliminator that fits perfectly the Comanche MJ 1984-2001.

Standard bar pin design by other manufacturers give no lateral support of the shock absorber bushings. This means excessive movement between the parts creates the bushings to distort, instead of deflecting impacts to the shock absorber. As the bushings lose their integrity, annoying "thumping" or "rattling" sounds are heard, and even felt, inside the vehicle cabin.

Comanche MJ Front Lower Bar Pin Eliminator Features:

  • Heavy duty replacement for bar pin style shock mount prevents transfer of noise and vibration caused by bushing movement
  • Pre loads shock absorber bushing to proper specifications for better performance and longevity
  • Bushing surfaces machined smooth for reduced friction and wear
  • Retains original mounting alignment to prevent stress on shock absorber and bushing
  • Provides almost 1/2 in. additional down travel at shock absorber
  • Zinc plated, premium grade steel components for corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with OE and aftermarket shock absorbers

Important Note about the JKS Front Lower Bar Pin Eliminator:

  • Not compatible with Old Man Emu shock absorbers.

Check out this video on Shock Absorbers told in a no nonsense way by our very own Kevin from Kevins Offroad. This guy has years on experience and knows what he is talking about. If you ever need help on the JKS Front Lower Bar Pin Eliminator, shoot a message to Kevin. He will help you sort out your jeep. 

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