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Death Wobble Cures: XJ Cherokee / ZJ Grand Cherokee Front Track Bar Conversion w/ 1.25-inch Adjustable Track Bar

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Hard-KOR Track Bar Conversion: Cures Death Wobble

**Requires minor modification for some stock-height ZJs and XJs and all '84-'86 XJ/MJ**

From the factory, your passenger front tire can only droop approximately 8" from stock height due to the upper tie rod end on the factory track bar. Now, subtract the height of YOUR lift from the maximum of 8", and that's how much passenger side droop you have before the tie rod end binds causing wear and then Death Wobble. You can test this yourself if you don't believe me. Just remove the lower bolt on the stock track bar and allow it to hang. Pretty scary, huh? Bet you didn't know that!! That's the maximum it will go before it binds on itself, which is a future failure in the making!!! Other track bar manufacturers use Heim joints and Johnny joints in a vertical orientation, which allow the track bar to drop a bit further than stock, but still not as much as you need.

Due to the superior strength and thickness of this custom track bar (.156 wall 1.25" OD tube), our custom interference-fit ultra-thick bushing inserts and the 1/2" Grade 8 hardware that comes included in the kit (50% more strength than stock bolts so that you can really torque it down without worrying about snapping the bolt off), you will see a far higher Death Wobble resistance, as the entire kit stiffens up the front suspension.

There are two additional benefits you may discover as well: an substantial increase in steering response (tighter steering = less wandering) and slightly reduced bump steer, most evident on the taller rigs. For an even GREATER steering reponse, we highly recommend our KOR-1199 SuperDurometer Bushings, available separately here: KOR-1199.  Recently, I've had some SUPER-hard Rockwell Durometer bushings made by our poly molding company. You can't get these anywhere else, folks. The stock rubber bushing material that comes in the stock track bars is less than the 45d hardness of the "regular" bushings that we have used over the years. The SUPER-hard bushings are a 75d harness, or 70% stiffer, giving even better resistance to Death Wobble. There is about a 5% change in road mannerisms (when you go over bumps, you'll feel it a little more in the cabin), but it's a low price to pay for what MAY cure your Death Wobble completely.

Customers Love It!

"A word about the change from the factory bar and bracket to yours...WOW!!! The steering feels almost as tight and accurate as my buddy's Boxster! And the constant clunking, shaking, and imminent death wobble that plagued nearly every minute of travel...gone! There is a HUGE difference; the truck feels better than new! In all my years of playing with cars, I don't think I've installed anything that's made as significant a difference as your track bar conversion! Definitely money well spent. As always, I will continue to shout your name and website from the rooftops to every Jeep person I find!" Greg Dubbe - Longmont, Colorado.

"About the track bar.....I was considering the track bar but am SOOOOOOOOOO glad I got yours. I absolutely love it!!!!! I had death wobble that I have been living with for quite a while now. Some of my friends have "supposed wobbles" or "sissy wobbles" but not the true hard core steering-wheel-flying-out-of-your-hands death wobble. Your setup is so much better (I'm sure I don't need to tell you that) than the competitions. Can't wait to ramp it again as I know my stock bar was holding me back. Thanks again!!! I REALLY appreciate the customer service!!! I was so happy to find that it was at my door two days after ordering. Please don't change the way you handle your customer service no matter how big your company becomes. Very refreshing in this day." -Matthew Shemenski

"Your Adjustable Trackbar w/ super hard durometer bushings ROCKS!!! Cured my Death Wobble! The manufacturing and powder coating is top notch." - James Stott - Ventura, CA

Imagine a fully adjustable track bar that eliminates the weak/worn stock upper tie rod end on ZJs and XJ/MJs factory track bar and will allow for AMAZING amounts of droop and tighten up your steering responsiveness at the same time. This kit includes a modified upper track bar mount and the highest quality track bar that exists, custom built specifically for me by a top-quality well-known track bar manufacturer to KOR's specific bends and measurements, and fully adjustable to center your front axle perfectly. It won't interfere with any existing suspension components and will allow MAXIMUM articulation out of your front axle assembly and a larger resistance to Death Wobble. It's been designed to work with XJs, MJs, and ZJs from 1" - 8" of lift.

I NEED YOUR BRACKET CORES BACK FROM YOU GUYS!  Send your old bracket core back to me after your install, and I'll send you $35 cash or give you $45 credit toward your next purchase, reducing the overall cost of the conversion by nearly 20%. Just send it along to the address* below.  Thanks!
*To get your $35 check or $45 credit, please send your old bracket ($25 cash or $35 credit if you send the bar attached) to us after you do the TBC install WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFORMATION and whether you want cash or credit to us at:

KevinsOffroad.com Core Return

5156 W. Olive Ave #501

Glendale, AZ 85302

All products in this Death Wobble Cure package are proudly American-Made!

For those who did not order a TBC but want to send me your extra brackets (must be from a ZJ or '87+ XJ, **NOT** from an '84-'86 XJ), I can give you $25 cash or $35 credit for brackets if they are in usable condition.

Note: This bracket will not fit a 1984, 1985 or 1986 XJ Cherokee without minor modification. If you "slot" the hole 3/8" lower, this bracket will fit.  If you do not have the ability to slot the hole downward, do not purchase, as it will not bolt on your Jeep as is.

Note 2: If you have less than 1" or so of lift, you *MAY* get some rubbing between the new thicker track bar and the cover on your front differential.  This can be remedied a couple of different ways:

1) Tap the cover inward with a hammer where it rubs, in order to clear. The steel is not thick, and it should be pretty easy.  The internal moving parts are NOT in the area behind where the cover rubs (the only thing behind that portion of the cover is air), so you can safely tap it inward an 1/8" or 3/16" at the most

2) Replace your control arm bushings. If they are bad, sometimes the axle will rotate and slide a bit further forward that the factory had intended it

3) Shorten your control arms by purchasing adjustable control arms or using the cam adjustments (varies by model)

4) Add 1" poly spacers to the front of your Jeep between the coil springs and the body, and you'll probably easily clear.

Download the Install Guide PDF

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