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We think this is the best looking front and rear Ford Bronco bumper on the market for the 1992-1996 Full Sized Bronco. Our buddy Mike over at ProtoFab designs the best-looking, functional, beefy front winch and rear tire carrier Ford Bronco bumper for the middle-era Fords, in my opinion. I love the lines...the way he worked function and form into an eye-pleasing, sturdy, beast of a bumper, which should certainly last you the lifetime of your truck.

This beefy set of bumpers rigidly ties in to the frame using triangulated CNC-cut and bent 1/4" thick steel plate...which is about the thickness of a Bic pen! The "skin" is a thick 1/8" plate steel (also CNC-bent) which will take on hardest scrapes and resist damage from rocks and trees all day you're on the trail, and also protects well from old ladies in large cars, lol.

Our Ford Bronco Bumper accepts up to a 15k lb winch, with standard hole pattern, without cutting! It features Deep and Low Placement of the winch plate, allowing for engine cooling, and keeps your pulling angle in alignment. Also, thick CNC-cut and formed steel plate with corner panel protection, for the ultimate in precision fitment, strength, and defense from nature while on the trail

Our Ford Bronco Bumper swings on height-adjustable heavy-duty Heim joints, so that your carrier fits perfectly, with or without the weight of a spare on it. Even as it ages, it can be readjusted to fitting perfectly, once again. It features industry-exclusive "progressively-tightening cam latch" mounted to our swing-away tire carrier, and completely eliminates rattles, which is a HUGE benefit over our nearest competitor! Make sure to check out the integrated 2" x 2" receiver, which is streamlined into the rear fascia, keeping the low-hanging objects to a minimum.

Kevin Says: "Since these are hand-built to order, they do take a few weeks (3-5 or so, on average) to get out of the fab shop, and onto a shipment to you...but once they arrive, you're going to realize you made the right decision...it's awesome!

**Please Note, due to unusually heavy volume, currently ALL Protofab bumpers are running between10-12 weeks out between the time you order, and when it is able to ship.

Mike's guys are working as fast they can on filling the orders.  What this means is that the sooner you get your order in, the closer to the front of the line you'll be in by the time you need it.  If you wait until the last minute to order, you're going to be pissed at yourself and at me...let's not have any of that. Anyway, we're looking at ways to refine the manufacturing process, but if you need a bumper in less than 2 weeks, ARB is the only bumper I can think of that would be on the shelf, and also not NEARLY as strong or durable.

Also of Note: All Protofab bumpers are shipped BARE STEEL (No paint or powder coating). All bumpers come non-painted, due to past damage to the finish during the motor freight process.

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