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Hanson XJ Rear Basic Bumper

  • $747.97

Jeep Cherokee XJ Icon

In order to protect our valued customers from Hanson's numerous broken commitments, we are not taking any additional orders for Hanson products.

If you are interested in a bumper, please email us through our contact form, and we will happily find a different supplier for you.

We have a great deal of respect for you and our other loyal customers, and will not compromise our standards or put you in the middle of Hanson's ineptitude and broken promises.

Doing what's right by our customers, is worth more than the profit we might lose by making this decision to stop recommending Hanson Products.

Another Hanson Original! The handcrafted construction of this sturdy bumper consists of 3/16” cold rolled steel, 3/8” end plates, frenched-in 2” receiver hitch, 1” clevis tabs and 1 7/8” machined spindle. The combination of sturdy construction and multiple angles adds strength and optimizes departure angles. The unique placement and design of the 1” wide clevis tabs gives them unmatched strength allowing them to be pulled from any angle without fear of damage to bumper or tab, and do not interfere with departure and approach angles. Frame reinforcement hardware is supplied to ensure secure attachment to the vehicle. Powder coated in black semi-gloss finish.

Shipping is available via Truck Freight only due to the size...starting from $125, depending on how close you are to Phoenix, AZ.  There is a $105 residential surcharge if you have us ship it to a anywhere other than a zoned-business address. To avoid that fee, you can also have it left at the local FedEx Freight Depot (click for map) for you to pick up there.

INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT SHIPMENTS:  Please e-mail us for special instructions for International customers!!  The following DOES NOT APPLY to International Shipments, only Domestic.

Heads-up: All bumpers from us (and everywhere else) are, on average, running a solid 3-4 weeks out until they ship.  I have Mike and Greg working as fast they can on filling the orders.  What this means is that the sooner you get your order in, the closer to the front of the line you'll be in by the time you need it. Anyway, we're looking at ways to refine the manufacturing process, but if you need a bumper in less than 2 weeks, ARB is the only bumper I can think of that would be on the shelf, and also not NEARLY as strong or durable.  EVERYONE in the industry is running this far out, or longer: I know because I called around, asking.  -Kevin

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