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Protofab Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Front Low Profile Winch Bumper (w/ D-Rings)

  • $1,090.97

***Shipping now! Limited quantities available from this batch, but we will have more on the way. Free same or next day delivery in the Phoenix metro area***

By popular demand, Protofab bumpers are available again! We did a little sweet talking to Mike and the crew at Protofab, and they have agreed to build their awesome bumpers for us once more. 

New on the market is this amazing low profile winch bumper for your WJ Grand Cherokee made here in Arizona by Protofab. Built with the same 3/16" Steel plating and heavy duty frame sandwiching moutning system as our other WJ winch bumpers, but with a slimmer, sleeker profile which improves air flow to the radiator. Will fit most low profile winches up to 9500#. Available with square or round light holes as pictured.

Also notice the D-ring tabs that are an add-on, and VERY MUCH come in handy if you're stuck.  They include a welded loop through which you can place a threaded and secured D-ring shackle (available on our site under part number KOR-3999), so that the tow rope doesn't slip off of a hook, or worse, bend the item you looped it around. Comes in Bare STEEL, and accepts most all winches with a standard 4.5'' by 10'' mounting pattern. 

Also of Note: All Protofab bumpers are shipped BARE STEEL (No paint or powder coating).All bumpers come non-painted, due to past damage to the finish during the motor freight process.

A few notes from Kevin about bumpers design...

When deciding on a bumper for your Jeep, make sure that you take into account some of the unforseen issues that you'll wish you knew about BEFORE purchasing one.

4) Our bumpers are built with 1/4" ultra-thick steel plate in the center sections (between the frame mounts for added rigidity) and 3/16" thick steel plate everywhere else, which is more than 50% thicker than the more well-known brands of bumper.  Have you ever seen a (well-known brand) front winch bumper bend in the center from a heavy winch pull?  I have, and that's why we use 1/4" and 3/16" steel with fortified 3/8" thick frame rail mounts.  This bumper ain't going ANYWHERE once you mount it up, winch or no. 

5) Our bumpers allow for the best approach angle and departure angle currently available in ANY aftermarket Grand Cherokee bumper manufacturer.

6) Our winch is inserted inside the front bumper, all the way down, so as to not give you overheating problems like some of the other aftermarket bumpers have been known to cause.


Shipping is only available via Truck Freight due to the size...starting from $125, depending on how close you are to Phoenix, AZ.  There is a $105 residential surcharge if you have us ship it to a anywhere other than a zoned-business address. To avoid that fee, you can also have it left at the local FedEx Freight Depot (click for map) for you to pick up there.

DOMESTIC MOTOR FREIGHT SHIPMENTS:  Bumpers are shipped truck freight at a flat rate of $150 to most destinations in the US. 

INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT SHIPMENTS:  Please e-mail us for special instructions for International customers!!  The above shipping information DOES NOT APPLY to International Shipments, only Domestic.

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