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WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Clayton Long Arm Underbelly Skid Plate KOR-7192

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Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ IconThis is a skid plate we originally designed to work with our WJ's Clayton Long Arm kit, and due to requests, we made it available to our customers who are already running a Clayton Long-Arm'd WJ like our shop Jeep.  It bolts to the Clayton aftermarket crossmember and welded frame rail tie-ins that are part of the Clayton Kit, giving you a rigid, integral belly skid from the crossmember all the way back to the catlytic converter.

Waterjet-cut and CNC formed from thick-guage 1/4" steel plate, we can rest the ENTIRE weight of our WJ Grand Cherokee on top of this thing, and still have the transfer case fully protected.  A new transfer case costs $1000 at the dealership, or you can pick up a used one for around $300 in a wrecking yard.  Labor to replace it?  An hour at a minimum.  More if the transfer case input shaft has to be swapped.  And, by the way, how are you going to get off the trail wtih a busted transfer case?

For the price, how can you afford to pass it by? Buy one today to protect your expensive "jewels" underneath your Grand.

CNC cut and formed 1/4" plate for extremely rigid protection One-piece design creates a substructure of strength under your WJ Grand Cherokee's underbelly. Variable hole location, because one Long Arm kit install is never spaced exactly like another. The best protection on the market today that we're aware of...if there's a better one, we'll sell it too!


Does not come with powdercoating because it would be scratched up badly by the time FedEx gets done with it, however you can get it painted or powdercoated locally once you have it fitted to your Jeep, or you can spray paint it yourself.  Touching up the paint (if you care about that sort of thing) will be a lot easier to match if you rattle-can'd it the first time.  Shipped via Ground service - 3 to 6 days in transit.

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