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If you have ordered ANY products from KOR, you have most likely interacted with Rob. Rob is Kevin’s right-hand man and he does everything from customer service to order fulfillment and inventory management. Rob has been working with KOR since 2011 and he loves the opportunity to talk Jeeps and off-roading with our customers all over the world!  He has a VERY in-depth knowledge of suspension systems, aftermarket components and upgrades do’s and don’ts, and almost never takes a day off! :-)Rob and his family moved to Arizona from California in 2007, and fell in love with the toasty summer temps. He has owned three Jeeps, a 1994 XJ, a 2003 WJ, and a 1997 ZJ, which he has used to haul his family out on wheeling trips all over Southern California and Arizona. His other hobbies include ATV’S and radio controlled cars. He also enjoys medium-length walks on the beach. When he is not working, he is most likely hauling his kids to and from activities or helping coach youth sports.

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