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ACOS Spacers Installation Guide





(Click HERE for TJ Rear)

***Read ALL the instructions prior to starting installation***


If your vehicle has a welded on bumpstop holder in the front, these tools will be necessary for installation of the Coil Over Spacer:  A cut-off wheel or Sawzall, grinder, 10mm x 1.5p tap, and a tape measure.

Tools needed for all installations: 8mm Allen wrench and a 5/16" Allen wrench, Spray Lubricant, Anti-seize, silicone or RTV if you're doing the rear of a ZJ, and all the tools to remove and replace the front and rear springs from vehicle.  HERE is another spring spacer installation guide as well.


1.       Remove both front springs from vehicle. Remove front rubber bumpstop.  If the bumpstop holder is a bolt on style remove it also. Note: some holders unscrew from post as one complete unit.  Remove factory rubber spring isolator.  If you have the welded on bumpstop holder continue with step #2 otherwise go to step #5.

2.     The welded on bumpstop holder must be cut off.  Look inside the holder and you will see a flat washer with a hole in it.  The bumpstop holder must be cut off even with the bottom of this flat washer.  The flat washer does not line up with the weld on the outside of the bumpstop holder.  It will be cut below the weld on the bumpstop holder.  You can measure inside the holder to see how far up the flat washer is from the bottom lip of the bumpstop holder.  Then measure the same distance up on the outside of the bumpstop holder to determine where the bumpstop holder should be cut off at.  We suggest cutting just below this measurement.  After cutting off the bumpstop holder grind what is left of the bumpstop holder to be even with the flat washer.  See photo #1. 

3.     The hole in the flat washer should be the correct size for the 10mm x 1.5p tap.  If not use the drill size indicated on the tap to enlarge the hole.  Then tap the hole with the 10mm x 1.5p tap.  At this time, check the top flat surface for any debris.  Remove if necessary.

4.     Paint all areas that have been cut or ground.

5.     Take the pre-assembled unit and install it with the large ring at the top, over the coil post. It will be necessary to unscrew the large ring away from the adjuster ring prior to installing the assembly. Thread it out until the end of the tube is even with the threads on the transfer ring.

6.    Make sure the transfer ring is NOT up against the top flat surface; if necessary adjust the transfer ring on the threaded tube so it is NOT touching the top flat surface.  See photo #2.  At this time also make sure the new lower bumpstop support fits into the threaded tube with the notch fully engaged into the threaded tube.  Install the new bumpstop with the cap bolt.  Use anti-seize on this bolt.  Snuggly tighten the allen head bolt into the coil support from the bottom using an allen wrench.  Now adjust the transfer ring so it now touches the upper flat surface above it. Loosen the cap bolt so you can drop the threaded tube a little, then adjust the transfer ring one-half turn up towards the flat upper surface.

7.    Tighten allen head bolt snuggly until the bumpstop starts to flatten out a little.  If you over tighten you may break apart the bumpstop.

8.    Adjust the coil adjuster to the desired height.  Use some type of spray lube on the threads. Height can be determined by measuring from the top of the top ring to the bottom of the isolator. Subtract a 1/4" from that measurement to get the height over stock.  Tighten adjuster bolt snuggly.

9.    Install springs and the rest of the front suspension according to the manufacture's specifications.

10. If you are only doing the front, you are done.  If you are doing the rear of a ZJ, then go to step 11.

11. Remove the rear springs from the ZJ in a similar manner you did the front, keeping safety in mind.

12. Slide the included 2" OD spring post extension sleeve over the rear spring post and check for fitment.  It should slide over easily.  The spring post extension sleeve will be affixed to the spring post as high as you can get it using one of the following methods: silicone, making one end slightly oval with a hammer, tack welding it on, or using a sheet metal screw through the post extension into the post.  I prefer the silicone method.  All you are doing is keeping gravity away from it...there are no forces on the sleeve itself.

13. Take a break...no sense in having an "un-lucky" step, right??!!

14. After affixing the spring post extension, follow the instructions in step 5 and 6, and then go to step 15.  Make sure to locate the transfer ring with the flat spot facing outboard to clear the pinch seam.

15. Because your rear bumpstops are located inboard, you will not use the same hardware as the front.  The weight of the Jeep holds the spacer in...and so long as your shock is not massively too long for your application, the ACOS spacer cannot go anywhere; up, down, OR sideways.  Reinstall the spring and return the Jeep to the ground, and you're done.


To adjust "ACOS" in the future you must unload the weight off the front springs. There must be no pressure on the adjuster when turning it. The "ACOS" is a suspension "ADD-ON". Your suspension will need to be adjusted to handle the additional height gained by the "ACOS".





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