Only through the end of the April 2011, we are offering the U-Turn steering upgrade for $50 off the normal price of $650…now available for only $599.97!

I’ve run this same setup on my ZJ for probably 6 or 7 years, beating it MERCILESSLY on rocks, stumps, and forcing it to turn 37″ tires with a stock gear box.  I absolutely ABUSED the poor thing!  And, I never once had any trouble, aside from replacing a tie rod or two, as they wore out, which is expected running large tires and a lift.  This thing works GREAT…it solves the problem with the Y-link that Jeep stuck us with from the factory, it sets your toe-in properly, so that it doesn’t change when you hit the brakes on your lifted rig, and it is a TRUE cross-over steering setup, meaning that you have a separate drag link and separate tie rod, which means it’s a LOT stronger than the factory stuff.

It’s made out of 1.25″ OD 4130 Chromoly DOM tubing, which is radially-welded in a state-of-the-art fixture for perfect accuracy, and then heat-treated after the manufacturing process to ASSURE that it’s the toughest thing on the market that you can bolt to the front end of your Jeep.

The U-Turn steering setup also comes with bolt-on outer knuckle conversions, which change the configuration of the factory setup, so that you can run a separate tie rod and drag link, which is impossible to do without machining and modification if these brackets were not included.

Here is a link to the sale price on our website:  U-Turn Steering Sale or copy the following web address here and post it in your browser.

U-Turn Steering Upgrade for Jeep Cherokee Wrangler and Grand Cherokee

U-Turn Steering Upgrade for Jeep TJ XJ ZJ

U-Turn Jeep Steering Upgrade for Cherokee, Wrangler, and Grand Cherokee

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